21480930Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gillian Flynn probably describes this story best as “dark and nasty” at the end of the author interview that features at the end of the book. At it’s heart this is a really, really simple story of a wife who suddenly goes missing on her wedding anniversary an no one knows what’s happened to her.

It’s a page-turning thriller that will keep you gripped (and intrigued) to the very end. When I first heard of this book I knew nothing about it, and as I read it, I kept wondering what direction it was going to take. It’s a story that from the beginning could so easily take a magic realism turn. Is Amy real or a figment of Nick’s imagination? Is Nick the imaginary one? Has Amy been created somehow by Amy’s writer parents? In the end it’s clear that this is taking an all too real thriller.

Far from the simple story, this is a Big book, and a complex read full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing right up to the very, last, page. It’s a perfect example of how there are two sides to every story. As the story oscilates between Amy’s story and Nick’s so the reader’s allegances change. Is Amy a good girl wronged by Nick? Is Nick the innocent party. It soon becomes clear that nothing is that simple and clear cut.

As to what happens after the final page…? We can only speculate…