Adobe Photoshop PDFThe Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig

This is a dark and disturbing, distopian vision of the future. It’s set in a post-apocolyptic world – where The Blast is a thing of history. In this world everybody is born with a twin, and every pair of twins are born, one healthy and one disfigured in some way. Once they know which is which, they are branded and separated; the Alphas to live a good life of plenty, and the Omegas to be sent away. They would be destroyed if they could be, but they can’t as, just every pair of twins are born together, so they feel pain together, and will die together.

The Fire Sermon is a Big, ambitious book that is clearly the beginning of something bigger – a trilogy at the least I would guess. Cass, an Omega who manages to hide her disfigurment for years is a seer, but it is not her ability to see into the future that protects her and keeps her safe but it is her instinctiveness for what is right and wrong. In this she is unusual as she battles in her quest to find somewhere where she can be safe, and just stop running.

I read this book with no prior knowledge of what to expect, but the follow up story, when it comes will be highly anticipated.