I have had, possibly the longest, most-tiring week of my working life. After months of planning the project that I was leading on finally came to fluition: Virtual Open Week. Following on from the modest success of our Virtually There days last April, this was going to be bigger and better than before. Where last time we had settled for one live webchat for each department (five in all), this time we were going for one for every, single subject (with the exception of languages which remained grouped together) totalling 16 sessions across four days, totalling eight hours of live broadcasts.



Understandably I’ve built up a fair amount of TOIL this week, what with working a full day last Saturday finishing off the virtual tour, and then an hour or more at the end of each day making sure the email reminders were primed and ready to go for the following day… this all means that for my mammoth 23 days off over Christmas I only have to take 4½ days of actual holiday! Now that’s what you call a win!

Still dog-tired now though!! :-\