This was my second full year of getting the bus to work and reading lots, and lots – another 45 books in all. That said, I also did a 100-day walking challenge with work during the summer which shortened my bus journies somewhat. I also read some big books this year. It was the year I finally read Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell and kind of wished I hadn’t. It was also the year that I finally got hooked on Game of Thrones, although the book, whilst good, was a bit of struggle and left me feeling a bit meh. I also caught up with The Hunger Games, and found it to be a good, well-written book (if disturbing) and not just another Twighlight.

Books to recommend from this year? The Miniaturist, The Fire Sermon, The Gracekeepers, The Lie Tree, and Slade House. From the Indie Camp, give The Boy in Winter’s Grasp, and May Queen Killers a go. And when its finished and published, get yourself a copy of Alice Nuttall’s Sigyn.

Here’s to another year of reading in 2016, and I leave you with my Christmas book-haul from this year.