13025Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Hard as it might be to believe, but I don’t think I have ever read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland before. It is one of those books and those stories that is so ingrained in our culture that makes everyone think that they have read it. Indeed I have, at times, read some of the first book and I know much of the story, but even so there were surprises for me. Oh, this quote comes from there? That event comes from there…?

I finally decided that I *must* read this book after reading The Story of Alice last year, and with it being 150 years since the publication of Alice In Wonderland last year and Creation Theatre Company’s marvellous (if deliciously weird) adaptation of it in the gardens of St Hugh’s College, Oxford. I’m glad that I finally have.

There is a loose story running through the two books, but its a more of a series of events conncected with a mix of indefectible logic and nonsense, the like of which is bonkers but you just cannot argue with. To add to this, there are so many images and ideas in the book that I can take in quotation and reflection to layer beneath my own work-in-progress. Alice in this book is the heroine and is good, but what would happen if ‘Alice turned bad’? What would happen if crossing the chessboard in Through The Looking Glass to become Queen took on a more sinister turn?