So this year is the year that I shall finally read War & Peace. Spurred on by the current BBC TV adaptation that is currently showing, its going well. Not that I haven’t read part of it before. After several abandoned attempts in the 1990s when I failed to get into the grubby thin paper and miniscule type of the ‘Wordsworths Clasics’ edition in around 1998 I read half of the Grandpa’s old hardback copy and enjoyed it – I only stopped because another book got published that I had to read straight away and for whatever reason I never went back.

This time round I am enjoying the Kindle edition – surely the reading of War & Peace is as good a reason for the existence of Kindles as any?! Apparently the enjoyment or otherwise of what must be the classic book of all time is all in the translation. I had the Pevear and Volokhonsky version recommended to me, so that’s the one I’m going with.

After a slightly pedestrian and plodding start, and the usual enjoyment (if bafflement over the huge cast of characters) of the ‘Peace’ sections, and the speed reading through the complicated ‘War’ sections, the pace picks up in Volume Two, and I have raced through with enjoyment and enthusiasm the first part of the second third third of the book. Definitely one to recommend so far…!