So this afternoon, whilst typing up my as yet untyped-up travel journal from Romania in 2005, I found looking at again at a video taken during that holiday. This led me to looking at other old videos, including a couple from university days, and… my 365 days of #100HappyDays from a couple of years back. Looking back on it, I remembered how much I enjoyed the miscellany of it, and the memories that it stirred. Also, of late, I do seem to have been posting at least one photo every day, so I’ve decided to combine these two facts, and do a second #1HappyYear, and I shall start today.

#1HappyYear Day 1

#1HappyYear Day 1: Celebrating #ChineseNewYear with crazy brain people! Yes folks, I’m doing another #100HappyDays year… — with Emma Shepherd, Marianne Thomas and Stef Thomas at Bicester Zoo.