25087031Jess the Goth Fairy by Jess Hiles, Jo Allmond, Emily Daly (Illustrations)

I was priviledged to sit on a panel discussing ‘difference’ in fiction at the Hawkesbury Upton with the authors of this book, Jess Hiles and Jo Allmond, and they were both truly inspirational people. However, that is not why I’m writing this review…

Who doesn’t love fairies? Everybody loves fairies. And fairies with attitude are the best things ever. I remember seeing an RSC production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which featured fairies with hob-nailed boots on and climbing scaffolding. it was brilliant. Jess, in the story is similar – she’s a fairy with attitude – a Goth fairy – a fairy who’s different from all the rest. And she’s punnished by the other fairies and the creatures she meets for her difference.

Jess, the author, probably says it best in a note at the end of this short, entertaining, story with an important and strong message. She says about her story, “I hope it helps people to know what it is like to be like me and my friends. I am looking forward to going out and reading my story. I want to thank people who helped me.”