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Wednesday 2 November 2016


My approach to getting stuff written

So, it’s NaNoWriMO Day 2, and I am incredibly ahead of my (albeit reduced) wordcount target. I have no idea if it is a record year for NaNoWriMo participants but it certainly seems to be judging by my friends list…

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My tweets

Tue, 13:14: #1HappyYear Day 179: I’ve never done #NaNoWriMo and I find it… https://t.co/15CA239uE2 Tue, 16:12: #Autumn in town… @ George Street, Oxford https://t.co/GqJkQsgO3b Tue, 16:27: The downside of commuting after the #clocksgoback … I guess the… https://t.co/54Ok5JKybW Tue, 18:18:…

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