In September last year, after our 26 mile trek for Alzheimer‘s, Emma and I went on our first camping trip together. The location we chose was the Holycombe Campsite in Whichford and we had the best, most relaxing time. Situated within the moat of an old castle (a scheduled ancient monument) they have rules about party size, loud music, and a curfew on evening revelry – not to mention a beautiously limited mobile internet coverage – leads to enjoy the most relaxing holidays you can imagine…

Today we learnt that this campsite is under threat. Whilst the majority of the inhabitants of Whichford are supportive of the business, both for how they have turned round a former scrapyard into a place for living in harmony with nature, and for the trade that it brings other businesses in the area (notably the Norman Knight pub, Whichford Pottery, and the Straw Kitchen cafe) they have some neighbours who are threatening to close down both the campsite and the side-business of the Holistic Retreat Centre. These neighbours have taken two former planning permissions to the High Court to have them quashed, and they have also threatened to sue the Council if they don’t enforce against us, and have consequently received an Enforcement Notice today to cease all uses of the site.

The campsite owners have put in their third planning application and desperately need as many comments of ‘support’ or ‘no objection’.

Please can I ask that people who know Emma and I support the Stratford-upon-Avon District Council plannning application 16/04039/FUL by leaving a comment on their website. Please also sign their petitionto aid the cause, and share this post on your whichever and whatever social network you use.

Thank you for your help with this.