Tonight, Emma and I went to celebrate Ros’ 40th birthday. Ros (and Nick) are good friends who I wish that I had known for a lot longer than I have. They had a memory book for us all to write in, and me being me, I decided to write a poem. It’s not the finest of works, but it’s literally a first draft, honest, from the heart, and true. I’ll let these words do the talking as to why Ros means what she does, and why so many of her friends turned out on a freezing cold January night to celebrate with her.

There once was a lady called Ros
We met when when we went to a musical about Oz
We were friends at Blackwell—
back before those Wiley days.
We partied at The Bod
and our friendship has been For Good.
You were the only girl on my stag boat
We can go for months without seeing  each other
—but everytime we do, its like it was yesterday.
Thank you fro being the best of frinds
Lady Ros.