Apparently it's six years since I found, and found an old VHS tape of my BA Creative Arts honours project and managed to put it online. It's quite prophetic really. It was always about global filmaker, Hol E. Wood, and the loss of creativity in the media, but back then in 1993 it did seem to foreshadow developments in filmaking that we take for granted now, and some that are more that we are grappling with in their infancy:
every single film ever made has been digitally compressed into a huge library, where they can be accessed, taken apart, used, reused - infinitesimally Mrs Chubbs, Home Movies, 1993
Take Peter Cushing's appearance in the latest Star Wars film, and the controversy over whether we have the right to have actors play parts that they never could have had any knowledge of. It's all there in Home Movies... Something else which is there is the character of Amanda Jones from the 1985 film Some Kind of Wonderful. Who would've thought then that she would the seed of the story for the Mr Tumnal follow-up, The Imaginary Wife as just one of the literary and pop-culture references to find and enjoy?