I had he bi-monthly Oxford ALLi meeting this evening and so I stayed at work a bit longer, and then enjoyed the freedom of the bicycle to nip up to Headington to go to Waitrose. I only wanted one thing, and I only came out with one thing. I just took the opportunity of being a few minutes bike ride away from a Waitrose which sadly (but probably fortunately) I don’t frequent often enough to get some more shampoo. I’m currently using their own brand pure soap.

Then I cycled back into town, past Brookes, and took the straight and direct route down The HillTM – now that’s a scary old beast. It’s next to impossible to cycle up, and heart in your throat terrifying to whizz down on two wheels. I have cycled down there before, but not often. I’m sure I could have gone frightened, but even though it was exhilerating, it was also scary and I was frightened.

When I arrived at Manos in Jericho I found it closed, which was annoying. I had hoped to arrive early, and like last time have a hot chocolate and do some writing – I really must get back to my writing – but they were closed. I cycled down to the canal just to see what was there, and then back, when Debbie and Lynne arrived. We decamped to an Italian a few doors down, to eat, and talk books and publishing.