Wednesday. Seven years ago I was still only just six months into my job as Web Designer for the School of Social Sciencs and Law and had just completed my first major project to overhauled the fractured school website – 42 templates I say(!!) is about 41 too many – and relaunched the new Department of Law website. Four year’s on and the university had the new CMS and I was champing at the bit to get in it. Over the intervening three years I have seen our server limp on requiring regular warm words and encouragement to keep it going.

I have been developing websites within the unversity CMS for about three years – indeed I launched the first mini-site to be hosted on it outside of the main site, and have since developed some other, not insubstantial sites (Do you know how many poems are in the Poetry Centre website? I do. Lots. And I migrated them all. I kept finding them hiding behind others, it went on forever…).

Today though, I passed a major milestone and migrated the School of Law website completely off the old webserver and into the sparkly new CMS. And you know what, it switched over pretty smoothly. I’m pleased. One down, four to go, and few more miscelaneous minisites and intranets and I’m done. Maybe that day of turning off a webserver that I really shouldn’t be responsible for maintaining is actually in site.

Onwards, then… to my self-imposed deadline of 1 May to get the other four core departmental sites migrated.