Sunday. After yesterday’s leisurely start if outdoorsy-busy day, today Emma and I got up and breakfasted, before packing my mini-kitchen into freezer bag and our new Blue Texel farm shop bag. Then we headed out to Amersham to see Emma’s Grannie…

Grannie, thought that we were just going over to see her for the afternoon and have a snack lunch with her, but we have been harbouring a secret and cunning plan. A while back after speaking to her one weekend, probably as I was finishing up cooking our roast, I had the idea that next time we go and see her for the day, we should surprise her by turning up in her house, and cooking her dinner.

Today, that day came and we pitched up at her house. Only yesterday she had phoned to check if there was anything she had needed to get in for lunch. No, we lied.

Of course it wasn’t quite the meal that we had originally planned. I had intended to roast a couple of pheasants but when we went to the butchers yesterday the man who provides the pheasants hadn’t shot any in the last week so they had none! The man had been aiming his bow and arrow at something a little larger (hence the rather delicious venison steaks we had last night). So instead we bought duck breasts and I made my seared duck with orange, and parsenip mash meal (all constituent bits of it came from the Slimming World Festive Feasts book).

Emma’s Grannie was touched by our actions and I think we might have given her quite a nice big event to remember. 🙂