After four weeks now of cycle commuting with my fold-up bike, today I got out my ‘other’ bike this morning. Emma is working this weekend, and so I needed to go on the cycle food tour of Bicester to provision myself with meat from the butchers, bread from the bakers, and veg from the market stall.

That’s right, I have become the kind of person to have multiple bikes. Previously I have been purely monogamous  in my bicycle ownership. From the tricycle to cheap secondhand bike of my younger childhood to my first (and supposeably only) ‘new’ bike, aged thirteen. It was metalic blue and and I loved it but within 3 years I outgrew it and so I had to a second new bike with the biggest wheels and highest saddle you can get. That saw me all the way through college and multiple moves, for  the next 20 years. Both those bikes came from the same Raleigh shop on London Road South in Lowestoft.

Both my current bikes came from Broadribbs of Bicester. The first, with money from last Blackwell bonus, on the day that I met Emma 10 years ago (I rode it to our first date), and the second purchased last month with the work CycleScheme for the daily commute. Big and little brother make quite a pair don’t they.