A Cathedral of Books
Today I have discovered my new favourite bookshop and it’s going to take some beating! For somewhere so local, it is criminal that I have never been to Banbury’s Books and Ink before – they’ve been there for 12 years already! Nestled at the back of an old coaching inn behind the high street, this award-winning independent bookshop is an Aladdin’s cave of books and joy. I’d heard of this bookshop before from other friends and fellow authors, and I’ve been meaning to visit for years. It’s a scandal that it’s taken me this long…
I’ve recently noticed teens and young adults taking a particular interest in building up their book collections. I’m delighted to see this. A personal collection, however large or small, new or old, displays  your personality  and interests so that your personal home space resonates with you and there’s something quite tactile and reassuring about a real book. Samantha Barnes, Owner
In the same way that my visit to Snowshill Manor was like walking through my brain with the eclectism of interests, browsing the shelves of the 25,000 books housed in the cavernous Books and Ink was like seeing my every interest and enthusiasm reflected back at me. I can see myself making return visits to this emporium of joy frequently and making it my new best friend.