Back on 30 June, Emma and I became foster-parents to a little rescue duck after he got brought in to the vets where Emma works when it got rescued from the jaws of a clients cat. Over the next three months we enjoyed watching the little fella grow up and become a duck with real personality.

I built him a duck house for zero expense out of leftover materials in the garage and a freecycled pallet, and he did a fine job of living free range in the garden and keeping the slugs at bay! A couple of times, when spooked or surprised he flew out of the garden and had to be herded back into the garden, and then last Friday, just as dusk was setting in, he was off! We never actually saw him fly off but he was off – we thought that maybe he had seen some passing ducks or geese and flown off to join them…

Then today we heard via our local Facebook community group that there was a stray duck rounded up one street away and released in Jubilee Lake on the other side of Bicester. After I got home from work we went out for an evening stroll to see if we could find him and on our second turn about we saw him on his own down at the end! Douglas a l’Orange!!! He’s happy and swimming in his new home!