When I started at working for the university back in 2009, I inherited one website controlled by no less than 42 templates(!!), and some miscellaneous minsites that I came across as time went by. I stripped these back to one template and got the minisites just in time for a restructure at work which saw me bring the current server into use along with five core departmental sites, a faculty website an increasing number of microsites and wordpress blogs.

For almost all of this time there has been a bug in the system to do with the PHP setup that caused the server to fall over all the time and also stopped me from performing backups because everytime I tried I had to reinstall everything from scratch. But we muddled along, me and good ol’ HSSServer1. Sometimes I could go a week without it falling over, but sometimes it would happen daily, or more often, and I would have to run across the building and switch it off and and again.

At the last disaster recovery meeting I was asked what it would take to rebuild it as is, and I said we wouldn’t – we would hasten the migration of the websites. From today, we no longer have to bother it.

HSS Server1