Time Shifters: Into the Past (Time Shifters, #1) by Kate Frost

If I could rate this book with 6 stars then I would as it an outstanding rollercoaster of read. There was one brief moment near the beginning when I was left thinking why I am supposed to care about Danny as we had had no encounter with him – indeed if I were to pick a weaker character it probably would be him.

The pairing of Maisie and Lizzie – sworn enemies – was superb, as the novel unfolded to bring them together and closer to each other. This is ostensively a ‘timeshift’ novel of old, the likes of that Helen Cresswell, Philippa Pearce, and Penelope Lively used to write. It is a timeshift novel that is grounded firmly in the 21st century … when our heroes are not journeying about in the 15th, 17th, 18th, and 20th century as they try to get home facing threats both of the times they find themselves in and threats that are out of time.

This is a story that never lets up, and keeps you guessing to the end with twist onto twist, but everyone of them perfectly explainable and realistic. The time travel that the Timeshifters use is not that of Back to the Future (although some of the alternative timeline ideas are similar) or Doctor Who, but nor it classic timeshift where they have no control over where they go. It is a story that is uniquely different and entirely original.