Mr Tumnal

Everyone has an idea of their ideal family. Not everyone’s become real

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T E Shepherd Official Author Photo - Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike BY+SA
About me

Derbyshire born. Suffolk bred. Lives in the shires.

T E Shepherd is an author/illustrator. He writes magic realism set in our, or closely-related, worlds. His debut novel, The End Of All Worlds, was released in 2012. His second novel, and the first in the Imaginary Friends trilogy, Mr Tumnal, was published in 2014. The second in the series, The Imaginary Wife, was published in 2018, and he's currently working on the final instalment, Forgotten Friends. He is also a landscape artist, and is currently working on a project with Erica Smith aka. the Bookshop Blogger to illustrate his way round the country to produce The Booklover's Guide to Bookshops. You can find out about upcoming releases by following on Twitter, liking on Facebook, or by joining the mailing list.

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  The Imaginary Wife

The Imaginary Wife

How would you feel if you discovered you were the imaginary creation of your best friend?

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Day 9: Mow Cop is the castle that overlooked my uni days… #mowcop #folly #inktober #inktober2017 #penandink #penandinkdrawing #amdrawing

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