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The Friendship of Lady Ros Letellier

Tonight, Emma and I went to celebrate Ros’ 40th birthday. Ros (and Nick) are good friends who I wish that I had known for a lot longer than I have. They had a memory book for us all to write in, and me being me, I decided to write a poem. It’s not the finest of works, but it’s literally a first draft, honest, from the heart, and true. I’ll let these words do the talking as to why Ros means what she does, and why so many of her friends turned out on a freezing cold January night to celebrate with her.

There once was a lady called Ros
We met when when we went to a musical about Oz
We were friends at Blackwell—
back before those Wiley days.
We partied at The Bod
and our friendship has been For Good.
You were the only girl on my stag boat
We can go for months without seeing  each other
—but everytime we do, its like it was yesterday.
Thank you fro being the best of frinds
Lady Ros.

On the thirteenth day of advent: of inspiring places

On the thirteenth day of advent: of inspiring places

Today has been Emma’s birthday. As something a bit different this year, we’ve had a night away at the forex binario online Bourne Valley Inn in St Mary Bourne in rural Hampshire. Yesterday we visited Avebury to see the biggest stone circle in the British Isles, and to opzioni binarie demo q10 Avebury Manor – star of the BBC show The Manor Reborn.

The stone age ring of standing stones ecn broker binary options inspired me to write yesterday’s poem, whilst the homely coziness of the the Bourne Valley Inn and the lovely meal last night – which we ate in our slippers in front of a roaring open fire – gave me other writing ideas. This morning we struck off on a walk, winding our way up hill, and down valley in the cold, grey, midwinter’s light. It started to rain halfway and our return journey really was into the dark comes rising kind of weather. We retreated to the homely Inn for a light lunch to warm ourselves up.

It was over lunch that I put pen to paper on some new writing. A bit of a first (or a rediscovery) for me, as its a short story – a companion piece to my Mr Tumnal novel. Set at some point after the end of the novel, it doesn’t rely on prior knowledge of the story but shows some of the characters in a new setting. A pub that isn’t but is much like the Inn features in it, and Louis’ daughter Sarah is now working behind the bar, but more than that I cannot say.

I just like it that a change of scene, and something new, or something different can set something in my brain moving to generate this creativity. It’s something that I like very much about myself.

A decade of journalling

Today is the tenth birthday of shepline. You can see the first day’s inauspicious posts here. It seems an appropriate moment to therefore pause for a moment, consider where I was then, where I am now, and reflect on a decade of journal writing.

The writings of 12 February 2003 are not the first entries to be contained within my LiveJournal for I have since gone back and back-filled it with transcriptions of earlier attempts at diary writing or with flashbacks from my memory. This last decade has been my single, longest attempt at writing any kind of diary.

So where was I in 2003…?

binaire opties gratis proberen Job then: Electronic Content Quality Controller. Basically the guy to make the online versions of some scientific journals like the (Thrice) Monthly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society.

la mejor pagina de opciones binarias Job now: Web and Digital Media Officer. The web designer for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes University. I also look after the social networking and do a bit of video work. Its a lot more creative work than a decade ago.

köper viagra 200 mg uk Writing then: I was in the wilderness years. The then titled Blood & Fire was started, but writing wasn’t go so well, so I was busy revising my previous novel Flyht. I still have a fondness for Flyht and may yet dust off the cobwebs to it.

opzioni binarie software API Writing now: My second novel, Mr Tumnal, having published my first, The End Of All Worlds during the last year. I’m nearing the end of this one, after which I will have to revise it, edit it, and then decide whether to try the traditional route of publishing it or take the Indie route again.

migliori grafici per trading Life then: Single. Dreadful levels of self-confidence. Recently bullied at work, starting this journal was part of a plan I had to try and get more confidence in me. About the same time I also became a First Aider at work and joined the Social Committee. Approaching my 30th birthday. Wore no jewellery. At the time of starting my journal I had no pets, although I would soon take on my first cat, Pepper.

ikili opsiyon kesin kazanma Life now: Married. Met Emma on match.com we now have 8 cats, 3 chickens, 2 bunnies, 1 hamster, and some fish. I wear a wedding ring and a necklace – usually amber (I purchased an amber pendant whilst on holiday in Estonia in the summer of 2003), but sometimes Obsidian or a small piece of Celtic glass, or (rarely) Murano glass). In the intervening years I have had coaching for Aspergers, been made redundant from my job at (then) Blackwell Publishing (replaced by a machine), had a spell at OUP doing something similar but with online books, a short spell of unemployment, and been ‘restructured’ once whilst in my current job. I’ve also met my best friend, online, and since married her.

On the thirteenth day of advent: Happy Birthday to Emma!

So finally the day had come, and for me, months of planning finally came to fruition. I woke emej up to the 20 minute complilation of messages from her friends and family and the 3 hours of music that they all contributed. I got tears before breakfast. She loved it.

Then we had porridge for breakfast and she opened her big present, a Kindle Fire HD, which she loves, before heading out to join her mum, sister, niece and grannie at World’s End garden centre for lunch.

Back home in the evening we had the ceremony of her birthday cake – coffee and walnut – yum!

The weekend

~ This weekend has been a weekend of birthdaying. Yesterday we went Ros’ open afternoon of birthday tea, and got to meet her and Nick’s gorgeous new daughter Sophie. We don’t see Ros and Nick (and James and Sophie) nearly so often as much as we should be but I feel very glad and blessed to have them as friends.

~ Today, after a good spell in the garden, cleaning out the animals, we headed over to the inlaws for Helen’s Nick’s 40th Birthday dinner.

~ Yesterday evening, after getting back from Ros’ I attempted some telephone support to my Mum who has been attempting to lay out a book in Blurb.com. Normally I feel quite comfortable with this kind of telephone support, but I don’t feel that I was much use. I didn’t have the actual book in front of me, and I was using it on a PC whilst my mum was doing it on her Mac, but apparently I was helpful.

~ I’ve been working through ideas for the website for Shepline Words. When I get the eBooks ready for launch on Amazon, I’m going to have a website and a Facebook ready to back up the marketing plan…

~ The holiday plans are proceeding. We’ve discovered that its going to be cheapest to build the holiday ourselves. Spending Reykjavik time staying with family, we should be able to rent a 4×4 car (to allow us to get into the Highlands), and stay in guesthouses/farms around the country. It’s fun researching these things!

On the thirteenth day of advent: birthdaying Emma

This morning was Emma’s birthday and I got up to organise a nice relaxing breakfast at the dining table with her presents and cards all laid out for her. She was suitably delighted and impressed with the giant Hello Kitty card that I had found for her…

Sadly my weather order must have got delayed in the Christmas post for it was the wildest and wettest of weather with some massive puddles, torrential rain, bitterly cold wind and even snow! Still, we had a nice day out to the World’s End garden centre where we met up with Emma’s mum, grannie, and Helen and Lily for lunch, a nosy round the Christmas shop and then back to the Jefferys home for more presents and birthday cake!

On the thirteenth day of advent: when birthdays and Christmas collide

~ It was Emma’s birthday today. I got up earlier than usual and made Emma a proper breakfast laid up to the table with her cards and a few presents, and we had a nice relaxing start to the day before work. Happy Birthday

~ Following the Monday night spaghetti carbonara, we went out to Lucy’s for mulled wine and mincepies and a bit of a carol sing around the piano. I feel proper Christmassy now! 🙂

On the twelfth day of advent: birthday celebrations

~ Got up early today, especially to have time to ice two birthday cakes and marzipan the Christmas cake, and then had more time than I thought because, having successful iced the two birthday cakes I remembered, after looking for it, that we had thrown the board for the Christmas cake out last year. Still, it gave me a chance to catch up on recent day’s exploits in my journal.

~ Late morning, I headed out into the winter sun to the drive to Emma’s parents for her birthday lunch. After a scrummy caserole meal of pork chops, with meat that was just falling off the bone, we sung happy birthday and Emma had her cake…

…and then opened her present; an iPod – a bit each from all of us and my mum and dad. The music is back!

On the thirteenth day of advent: birthday celebrations

Today I wished happy birthday to my beautiful wife. We began the day with a leisurely breakfast which I made and served up at the dinner table so that she could open some of her pressies. It was miserable weather so we had a relaxing morning of pottering. I made first use of our bain‐marie that we picked up whilst antique hunting back in the autumn. It is the most perfect pan for the melting of thick, gooey chocolate and with a (substantial) dash of brandy. Yum!

In the afternoon we made our way to chez Jefferys for Emma’s birthday dinner of roast beef, citron tart and coffee and walnut birthday cake, complete with 3+7 candles, the magic seven of which stood proudly in their Womble candle holders…

Birthday Cake

Birthday’s In May

It’s been very nice having all my friends and family, and ‘new’ family, around to share my birthday with. I have got a huge amount of cards and presents, and the largest birthday meal out I’ve ever been part of. Although I did also make sure that people know, with Carys two days ago, and Helen six days from now, that there were other ‘fortunates’ present – or those of us lucky enough to have birthdays in May! 🙂

On the thirteenth day of advent: Happy Birthday Emma!

~ Em’s birthday started with an early morning trip to Tesco (which Helen didn’t particularly enjoy), but we returned home for a leisurely breakfast and presents. Emma loved the watch I got her and she also got some other great gifts from her family.

~ Then we popped into Bicester briefly to get the watch strap adjusted. Whilst there we went into Woolworths which was a pale imitation of its former self. It was sad and actually upsetting to be in there amongst aisles of empty shelves. I think its fair to say that all of us felt uncomfortable being in a shop that was being stripped bare by people who had quite possibly previously deserted the store in favour of other retailers. We had to get out.

~ I wanted to see if my pictures were ready from being framed, but upon arriving at the door discovered the shop closed with a hand written sign taped up stating that: trader 365 It’s my girlfriend’s wedding today and she insisted that I attend. You can’t say fairer than that.

~ As the day descended into increasingly wild and windy and bleak and grim weather we headed home to hibernate and have lunch. Nick was waiting for us at the house when we got back and we had a leisurely afternoon of birthday presents, tea and cake (with silly candles) 🙂

~ In the evening we went into Oxford to see Creation Theatre do opciones financieras prosper lamothe Hans Anderson’s Tales for the second time. After seeing it last week with Emma’s work colleagues, a week on it was even better and even more magical. The crêpes were good too!

The weekend starts here…

The weekend actually started a few hours ago. After work today I nipped home and fed the cats and then, skiving off band for the night, headed off down to see Em. She gave me a couple more presents – a Ted Baker washing bag (although I confess that until tonight I didn’t have the foggiest idea who Ted Baker was!), and a very nice linen shirt in a chocolate-brown colour. I wore my new shirt and we went into Holyport for a celebratory birthday meal at The George on the Green at Holyport. Very nice! 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me!

A nice sunny day for it, for this, my birthday. People are so kind – I got up (on time, for a change) and had a nice leisurely breakfast. I opened my cards which have numbered the most ever for some years, with cards not just from my Em and my mum and dad, and my brother, but from Emma’s sister, parents, Grannie, Helen and from Louise amongst others. To add to the (already received) barbeque and toolbox, this morning I was able to unwrap Helen’s present: a catalogue for Persephone Books and a voucher for one book of my choice. Ahh, but what to choose…

Productivity is what you need

Last night I never really got round to having dinner. In order to save time today I made sure I cleaned my house last night, and by the time I finished I really wasn’t all that hungry, so I just pigged out on humous and crisps and a yogurt whilst watching binaire opties ig markets Have I Got News For You. This has meant that today, I:

1. Got to Bicester Glass after remeasuring my bookshelves and managed to get the 6 doors trimmed down by 4 mm.

2. Driving back through Launton, I passed a little old guy selling plants from his front garden. Drawn to good quality, cheap plants I bought a large tray of petunias and some runner beans for six quid

3. Back home, I discovered – yay! – that the glass doors now fitted, perfectly. My Folio Society books are now Ronald-proof.

4. I then spent a happy few hours, planting out petunias into my pots, and tidying up the back garden, moving later to beginning an attack on the ground elder in the front. Its a long job, but I have made the path to front door more acceptable.

5. Em arrived for a quick lunch before we wandered around the corner to see House #1 in Spruce Drive. On paper, we weren’t too enthused about this house but its actually pretty nice. Three good size rooms with a spacious ground floor and large garden. Definitely in the top two or so, and not just because they are with the same agent as myself and Alexander’s have a plan. We then wandered home, and collected the car to head out to Langford Village for House #2 – a larger than average 2-bed house – actually the master bedroom is enormous, but the downstairs accommodation whilst nice is small, and it fronts onto a busy-ish road.

6. And so to Homebase. The plan was to buy (on my parentals instruction) my birthday present – a barbeque – sadly though the one we liked was out of stock, but they were able to put one by for me at their Aylesbury branch. Em did select and buy me a toolbox for my birthday. We then went on to the garden centre for fishweed, and I ended up buying compost, gravel, and birthday presents for Ben, and naming day presents for Jonas, and some nice wooden salad servers for myself.

7. After a dubious weather forecast for today, we’ve actually been really lucky, and the only rain to speak of came whilst we drove over to Aylesbury, and collected the barbeque and then drove home again.

8. I cooked a nice toad’n’the’hole meal using both meat and vegetarian ‘toads’ and then, had great fun arranging all my tools and screws and nails and stuff into my new toolbox. Oh what fun! 🙂

Pre-birthday surprises

1. I got home from work today to a selection of mail. In the process of opening them, one with a ‘Persephone Books’ stamp on the front, I noticed the hand handwritten note on the reverse: commissioni migliori per fare treding four your birthday. So I stopped opening it. I might be wrong, but I suspect this might be a gift from . Whatever it is, I shall look forward to opening this on Thursday.

2. Quite surprisingly there were not one but two articles of interest on the front cover of euro dollaro tempo reale forex The Bicester Review this week! One about proposals (including, I think, public consultation) about what to do with Garth House, the historic old hall much neglected and home to the town council. The other one was about the possible future of Emma’s old primary school; St Edburgs Primary School when it closes to make way for a more modern school elsewhere in the town. It seems that the historic nature of the building will remain intact…

3. My mum phoned, to instruct me to go out and buy my birthday present. They’ve decided to buy me a new barbeque and have pointed me in the direction of Homebase. Quite convenient, as we were hoping to have another bbq this weekend. 🙂

The day after the weekend before

1. Firstly, happy birthday to my brother.

2. It’s a gorgeous, sunny day today; bright and warm and nice. Just the kind of day to have a nice bicycle ride into work. Well, that was the plan. I binäre optionen kombinieren was near to the ringroad when my car broke down. Something went ‘ping’ and shortly after my chain came off. I tried to get it back on, but it wouldn’t stay. I think the wheel bearings might have gone – the back wheel is rocking awfully. So I had to walk my silver steed all the way back the Park & Ride, lock it up to the back of my car get the bus into work.

3. I’m going to see auto binary robot Cats for the third time tonight (just one short of Jane’s record. I also get to see Em tonight! 🙂

On the tenth day of advent: Lured by the shiny

A couple of month’s ago I gave Emma her birthday present early. She’d just had her bike after all (a joint birthday and Christmas pressie from her folks) and so I bought her some lights for the bike. But that was two months ago. It feels wrong not to give her anything now (Thursday) though, so this evening after work I wandered into town to be seduced by oh-so-shiny objects in glittering shop windows. I did buy something extra for Emma’s birthday but discretion will stop me saying anything now.