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The Indie Experiment: Publication Day

Today has not been my birthday; its not been an un-birthday; but it has been my book’s birthday.

When I first visited Iceland in the summer of 2001 I fell in love with the landscape, the people, the history, the folklore – everything about the country, and I knew that I had to write a story set there. I didn’t know what the story would be. Then in August 2001 there was a story in the news about a girl who was lost whilst hiking in the Peruvian mountains. I can’t remember what happened now, and I fear to find out, but the idea got lodged in my brain and together with ideas surrounding Iceland, the seeds of the story was born.

So, it was conceived in August 2001. 110,000 words; 430 pages; 250 days in the writing; 5 years in the making. Blood & Fire, as it then was called, was finished on Tuesday 19 September 2006. Another three years of revising later, and I started subbing it to agents and editors but, as is so often, these days I only got the classic ‘our lists are full’ or ‘we like your writing but you as a writer are not quite right’…

I got married, and started writing Mr Tumnal and left The End Of All Worlds as its now called on the shelf for two more years. In that time technology changed and self-publication – Indie publishing – became something that actually worked. With the the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 other events since then, some of the themes of The End Of All Worlds have become increasingly topical. I decided that ten years is a long time to live with a novel. I needed to let it go free and for other people to read it.

I will write about the process of getting the novel to this point, today in future articles, but it has been a journey these last few months. But today I have reached it. I have published a novel out there, to the world and I will wait, if nervously and with large amounts of trepidation, to see what the world will think (if indeed they notice).

All day, friends have been posting messages of congratulations on my facebook and twitter accounts. I feel a bit of a fraud about it really because yes my book is published, but I published it. Surely congratulations would best be saved for when a publisher decides to publish my book… And then I thought, no. Lots of people can claim to be writing a book, still more to wanting to write a book, but only the few actually complete the book, and then work to make it in some shape or form half-decent. To publish a book, even by the self, is still no mean feet. It’s still something to be congratulated.

And so to those who have congratulated, I thank you, if humbly and diffidently… 🙂

Digest of a novel

Lunch felt a bit weird today. For I don’t know how long, I’ve been munching on my sandwiches and working my way through corrections—striking through redundant words and inserting new sections and inflections. Today though, I started to sum up the last 412 pages of story in one‐side of A4. It’s a process whereby I have to stand back from my novel – stand further back than I ever have before – and observe the story from afar, putting down the saliant points and the major road‐markers to the journey.

It’s an odd experience. Thankfully, I had a copy of ‘s i need to buy Viagra without a prescription in Chandler Arizona Foxglove synopsis as a form of guidance on the road. 🙂

The End

I am at the end of things; the end of words; the end of the story. This lunchtime I reached the last page of my novel, and the last paragraph. I have made my revisions, worked through my corrections. The novel is (for a while at least) complete.

Next step, to work on my synopsis and send the unsolicited mss out there to someone who still accepts unsolicited mss (and yes that includes agents as well as publishers).


What I want to be doing, now, is making changes from my printed and well-thumbed script into my electronic version of my novel, so that I can send it off to friends and readers. But I am sleepy. I put my hands to my keyboard and I start to drop off. The same happened last night.

I need sleep.

The fineness of silver; age-worn or intricately wrought

Some days are more successful than others. Today was a successful one. Sitting with my sandwiches in one hand, pen in the other, novel before me on the canteen table, I worked as usual through the pages of part five of my novel.

Time was, that there was a box of bone, carved by the huldufolk, in my novel. I’ve since changed that to a silver cup, and it works better as such, but I have wondered upon the magic that I bestow upon it later in part five; it’s always been a different kind of magic to anything that I’ve had my characters encounter before. Today I realised that actually, with a few subtle tweaks and it could be the same magic as in the pools that Eleanor jumps through to go between the worlds.

The Curious Tales of Thomas Shepherd…

Helen recently posted information about a new competition being run and I am tempted to enter Köp Strattera NorrKöping (Kungsängen) Blood & Fire into it. Normally I am cautious about entering my WIP into a competition because of the fear that they will want to see all of it, and if its not already finished then I will look like a right dimwit. In this case, with them wanting the first two and last chapter and a (cursed) synopsis, I am well-placed to enter…

Of course Emma would like me to write and enter http://www.omod.no/?demobilizaciya=beste-bin%C3%A4re-optionen-broker&1b1=ef beste binäre optionen broker (The Curious Tale of) Mr Tumnal. I find this a bit difficult. I really like Louis Tumnal’s story, and I really, really want to write it. In fact I can’t wait to write it because I do think it is pretty damn original, and intriguing and compelling. At the same time cheap Priligy in Huntsville Alabama Blood & Fire has been part of my life for so long I have to finish it now. I have to do something with it… :-

Chopping and Changing

The ‘first pass’ reading revising of Part Four is primarily for establishing where to subdivide it into (approximately) six chapters, and for refreshing my own mind over what actually happens in the chapter. It’s also useful for getting to grips with the overlying style and possible broader problems with the section.

This part is entitled investimenti opzioni binarie opinioni Midnight Research, and refreshingly it lives up to that with most of the action taking place in the middle of the night, during which time, a lot of study and learning takes place amongst my characters. This is a good thing.

The other thing I notice, particularly in what will become the early chapters of vilka länder kan man köpa Viagra receptfritt Midnight Research, is the return, big-time, of my chopping and changing style. The problem I will face here is reworking this is that whilst in the early parts of the books where I would cut fast between two different places in the same time, here I am cutting between the different times and places, and building up the meaning by their juxtapositions with each other. Altogether a different matter, this will definitely be interesting.


What’s in a name?

I’m going to try and get the revisions to part three of binäre optionen musterdepot Blood & Fire finished by the end of this weekend, and thus reach the half-way point. The thing is, I think I’m going to have to change the title. Annoyingly binaire opties winst Blood & Fire seems to be a popular name for a book, along with lots of other websites.

So here’s the thing. Originally, the idea for calling the novel binary options iphone app Blood & Fire, is that the Tastylia Strips 20mg Tadalafil Ghevarsha International Legal Supplier blood would reflect the family saga of the story, and the där jag att köpa Viagra fire would be volcanoes beneath Iceland.

Keeping with this idea of having a title that conjures up family, legend, magic, and climate change, what do you suggest? Please comment here with your brainstorming.

Pretty please…?

Writing and Editing

I’ve been putting my handwritten changes to chapter 13 into the Word file. Because I was working offline with an old fashioned pen-type of arrangement I haven’t seen the comments and corrections that Helen has already made to an earlier draft until I got round bringing the versions together. Now I discover that many of the areas which I have revised are also areas (and sometimes the exact change) that Helen has already suggested.

I find this discovery very pleasing. I must be learning something about the revising process. 🙂

Scrapping the crap

That’s it. I’ve finished revising chapter 13. It’s weird, but as I’ve been doing the revising, I have been crossing out the bits that I thought, strategia di opzioni binarie facile profitto god this is really crap, but-I-need-to-write-it-to-get-the-story-on as I was writing it, and sure enough, I get to the good bits again. Of course there have been a few ‘good bits’ and some ‘very good bits’ that have had to end up on the cutting room floor because they just don’t fit any more.

The Curse of the Bread’n’Butter Pudding

When I came to make my lunch this morning I found that I had no bananas. There was a rather scrummy looking bread’n’butter pudding on offer in the canteen today. In some kind of rather flawed and backward logic I substituted the former for the latter, and yes it was rather scrummy.

Whether or not what happened next is cause and effect or just rather nice coincidence, I then proceeded in working well into my binary options auto trading service Blood & Fire revisions, finishing the completely new passage at the beginning of part three and getting stuck into the line editing of what’s already there. Good times… 🙂

I or He…?

My lunchtimes (at work) recently have consisted of being evenly split between reading binäre optionen 60 sekunden signale The Timetraveller’s Wife and revising my own nove. The former is written in first person, present tense; and the latter in third person, present tense…

I’ve been thinking about http://pelicanhouse.nl/?nsover=imperia-trading imperia trading Blood & Fire. I’m wondering whether it would be a better story to be told in first person, present tense with multiple POVs? And if I did make this change, how much work would it be to convert 100,000 words into the first person – bearing in mind that I’ve already edited around 33,000 of those words?

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go; when you’ve gotta write, you’ve gotta write

Usually I’ve been finding time between eating my sandwiches and reading whatever book it is I’m reading (currently the third part of Kevin Crossley-Holland’s Arthur trilogy, King of the Middle March), to get a bit of work done on revising That Novel.

This afternoon, for whatever reason, my mind has been continuing on with those creative thoughts, so when I needed to visit the toilet, I took my pen and notebook with me and got a couple of paragraphs of ‘airport storm’ written. Is there nowhere that I can write?

Creative Sunday

1. Another perfect winter’s day with crisp, clear sunlight. Certainly a day to live for. As it turned out though, it was a day to listen to stockpair opzioni binari Desert Island Discs and do a bit of vacumning and cleaning.

2. Spent the rest of the morning and lunchtime reading through Between Floors and making notes before the play meeting this afternoon. I think we are almost there. Almost there to get some people in to read our play.

3. Some more good crits in today on Blood & Fire – a couple on chapter five and six from Louise, and one for chapter two from Ntn.

Creative Sunday

1. Another perfect winter’s day with crisp, clear sunlight. Certainly a day to live for. As it turned out though, it was a day to listen to Desert Island Discs and do a bit of vacumning and cleaning.

2. Spent the rest of the morning and lunchtime reading through Between Floors and making notes before the play meeting this afternoon. I think we are almost there. Almost there to get some people in to read our play.

3. Some more good crits in today on Blood & Fire – a couple on chapter five and six from Louise, and one for chapter two from Ntn.

To Flashback or Not To Flashback

As you know I switch quite regularly between different POVs and plotlines, and I make use flashbacks in my novel Blood & Fire. I’ve just started looking at Part Two in my process of revising it, and I have a question for…

Part One covers Eleanor getting lost in the mountains from Ben and Hanna’s perspective with occasional glimpses into how Eleanor is getting on.

Then in Part Two, I roll the clock back and go back over the same period in time but from Eleanor’s perspective.

Nothing wrong with that you might say. However, currently Part Two currently starts where Part One left off and is a little prologue to Eleanor’s story. I then go back to the beginning and tell Eleanor’s story as if in the current time (ie. not a flashback). I’m thinking that this is going to get very confusing for the reader.

So what would you suggest? I’m thinking maybe it’s best to chop the ‘prologue’ from the beginning of Part Two and work it in to narrative when I get there. But my only problem there is that I have Eleanor’s story dovetailing in and out with ‘the present’. Ggrrr, I’m not really explaining this very well, which probably doesn’t bode well for it…

Views and opinions gratefully received!