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Blustery times in the garden

opcje binarne od czego zacząć Sunday. It was bright but blustery day today. As part of much-needed Emma-therapy I took her up breakfas in bed of cereal, white tea, and buttered hot cross buns and then settled down to a leisurely breakfast myself. Then I headed out into the garden to clean out the animals but got distracted by giving the grass a first cut of the Spring which led to trimming the hedge (something which I somehow failed to do all of last year)…

köp Viagra på nätet Jönköping Then, I finally ended up cleaning out the animals, to take me up until lunch. In the afternoon, Emma-therapy continued with a Sunday afternoon drive out in search of fields of  woolly baaa lambs. En route, we ended up at trading online fineco Bunker’s Hill Nursery, to buy a new barrel to pot up our Magnolia Stellata. Whilst there I found three lavender plants going cheap on the graveyard stand to extend our newly formed hot bed in the front garden.

buy Viagra 100 mg in Nashville Tennessee All in all, today, I’ve had a lot of fresh air and exercise, rounded off with a new Slimming World recipe of Jamaican Beef Pepperpot Stew which was deliciously spicy.

Working the garden

Sildenafil Citrate köpenhamn I feel pleasantly tired after a hard day’s work out in the garden. After a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast, we set ourselves to digging up the front garden, digging out the self-seeded budlea bushes and removing the old water feature and its pebbles. Then we dug our rubbish garden soil over with beautiful, fragrant, crumble in your fingers compost from the compost bins and planted up Chinese Rowan tree cornered by dogwood.

binära optioner nybörjare Following this, and even though strictly speaking it was lunch time by now, we continued on to muck out the rabbits and the chickens, taking advantage of half-empty compost bins to compost the animal and chicken poo.

binära optioner isk When it came to making lunch, it being gone 4 o’clock by then we decided to have our dinner early instead and Emma cooked us the tuna and pasta bake from the Slimming World magazine, which we consumed, along with Christmas Pudding for afters (to make up for Emma missing hers on Christmas Day) whilst watching my friend and web clients, new National Geographic archaeology programme:

trading opzioni binarie cos/\\'è

opzioni binarie 60 secondi con etoro Now, we are settling down for a lazy evening and the enjoyment of tonight’s episode of Sherlock.

Watching Things Grow

account di prov trading binario I’ve had a busy, productive, and pleasently tiring weekend working in the garden. And we had our first harvest and feed off the rhubarb tonight, and judging by how it’s growing it won’t be long before we have the next one…

iq option e fidabili

buy Maxalt misoprostol online in Hartford Connecticut Yesterday I felled the tree outside the front door which had got too big for the space. In its place we’ve planted a magnolia stellata, which we hope will, in time, provide a suitable host for the Christmas lights, just like the last one did. In the meantime its opened out the front water garden really quite nicely!

binäre optionen 1 minuten strategie

…and the back garden is coming on quite nicely with a new Old Blush China rose (or The Last Rose of Summer) ready to bloom through till Novemember, and now the veggies have started to go in, with potatoes (two types), carrots, peas, broad beans, runner beans, Pak Choi, Chinese broccoli, and loads of salad crops. It’s all happening in our garden!! 🙂

Pottering in one’s garden

Today we’ve been both lazy and not all lazy, both at the same time. By lazy, I mean that we didn’t go anywhere or do anything dramatic. By not-at-all lazy, I mean that we have cleaned out the chickens and bunnies, and fish, cut the hedge and sorte out some of the pots, including planting up the strawberry suckers. I sorted out the dried herbs into jars set some more cat mint and peppermint to dry.

A pleasantly lazy but pleasantly productive day! 🙂

A Summer’s Sunday

I am officially tired. Absolutely shattered. The new door to the garage is up and in place with the new lock. We’ve also planted a second lot of vegetables – I hope it’s not too late – and a delicious sausage and mash with Emma-grown tatties cooked, and eaten…

Oh, and I’ve discovered that … umm, whilst cutting slugs in half with a pair scissors is really quite therapeutic, its even more so to spear them with a tent peg and feed them to the chickens. Yum! Slug kebabs!

From Plant To Plate

How nice is it to have a relaxing afternoon, lounging around in the garden, picking fresh produce one hour and then eating it outside on the patio the next? How nice? It’s blissful.

In other news, Bicester Poultry Inc. has doubled its production line with the addition of Miss Henny-penny and Miss Solveig to flock. More eggs please, girls!

If you don’t give me a job, I’m gonna have to watch Wimbles…

I begun the day, whilst it was still cool(ish), and planted the remainder of the weekend plants. The garden is really transformed now with plants now in the gravel between the ‘paths’ through the garden.

I finished up just in time to watch the beginning of Wimbledon, and last year’s Girl’s Champion opening play on the brand new Number 2 court.

I do feel a bit guilty for being able to sit and watch the tenning during the day but then I think that its not for want of trying to get a job… :-

Cooking On Cold

Tonight’s meal – a barbeque – was a bit later than originally intended. I had had a productively and pleasingly busy day, first painting some of the garage (after an aborted quest to find a mallet and a need to tidy it) during the hottest part of the day and then mehodical planting of yesterday’s garden centre haul. At the end of it I was tired and grubby and in retrospect should have showered simulatoreopzioni binarie before lighting up the charcoal. Consequently, by the timewe were ready to put the burgers on the fire, the fire was close to being burnt out.

They cooked though, if slow-cooked, and were all all the more delicious served up with new potatoes and salad and eaten in the garden. Washed down with a cold beer, it makes a very satisfactory end to a lovely weekend.

The Gardening Loot

Of our wedding gifts we had £80 of gardening vouchers and some money towards our honeymoon. One of the things that we did buy on honeymoon was a print of the loch on which we stayed in Scotland from an art gallery in the middle of nowhere. After Em finished work this morning we took the picture, together with a poster of the actual island a sketch of Craflwyn given to us by the staff their, into the art shop and chose frames.

It’s going to be a bit pricey but if you don’t do these things now then you tend to never do them, so…


In the afternoon we took off to Preston Bissett nurseries to spend the vouchers. We had a bit of a shopping list with us but there was also a bit of a browse around to see what caught our eyes. We came away with 4x lavenders, 2x clematis, 3x alpine poppies, 3x strawberries, 1x spyria, 1x echinacia, 1x verbascum, 1x scabious, 1x heliotrope, 1x veronica, lots of snapdragons and a ceanothus.

That Monday Morning Feeling

Last night wasn’t a good night for me. I woke up at 2 o’clock with aches and pains and feeling a bit sick. I did manage to doze a little bit in the morning, but when I got up for breakfast I was (apparently) very pale and sickly looking. So I eased myself into the day gradually, taking a soak in the bath and then dozing for a bit longer. By mid-morning I was feeling decidedly perkier and got up to cut the grass before lunch.

A relaxing walk by the canal…

After the busy day of getting house and garden sorted yesterday, today was in some respects quiet, and in some, still packed.

We went for a nice, relaxing walk down by the canal in the morning, but it turned out being a bit of a mission of mercy when we discovered a calf had fallen in the water. We found out by someone on a narrowboat which farm it was and marched off, accross the fields and up into the village to tell the farmer. Finishing up our walk in a more leisurely fashion, by the time we get back to the car we can see allong the canal that the farmer has got his calf out the water okay.

For the afternoon and evening we went over to the inlaws (how weird, I can call them that now!) to help Liz out with a bit of gardening and to have a bbq dinner. Obviouslly the subject of the recent wedding did come up but at least we didn’t have to any wedding planning – yay!!

Weed Free and Relaxed

We’ve just had our second BBQ of the year in our garden. This has been following a nice day of pleasant busy-ness. We gave the house a good clean in the morning, had a nice lunch (sadly not in the garden due to it being just too damn hot) before we set to in the garden.

Whilst we were away the garden has gone mad. The vegetables are excelling themselves and the lawn is too, but sadly so are the weeds – particularly it has to be said – the gravel around the bird feeder. We work our way around the garden, weeding out everylast unwanted plant and it looks so good, just nifce for our barbeque this evening.

We ate our burgers, new potatoes and salad outside in the late evening sun, rounded off with a nice bowlful of strawberries and cream – just perfect.

Not that it ended there though. Even after dinner, Emma carried on pottering around, potting up busy lizzies and watering. She’s only just come in now!

Where there’s muck…

The title to this post should really have been opzioni binarie pregi e difetti My First Freecycle. With a nice new veg garden but the claggiest of claggy soil I wanted to get as much nutrients into the ground as I could, and as cheap as I could. Venturing onto freecycle for the first time, I find a lady near Bicester offering it. This afternoon I went and collect it, and dig it into the garden. Now we just need the worms to do their job…

A Countryside Drive

Tesco was hideous today. It’s my own fault. If I’d got my act together and got there early I would have been in and out, job done, in no time at all. But I didn’t, and I hadn’t. It was a nice, sunny day though, and I took a different route home, through Gawcott, Preston Bissett, and on a slightly more circumnavigatous route, Marsh Gibbon and Stratton Audley in search of a driveway with a hand-painted sign outside the front gate advertising free manure. Could I find one? Could I heck!

The weather was too good to be stuck indoors cleaning the house, so throughout the afternoon, whilst processing load after load of washing, I dug the garden, turning the smaller circle of grass into two semi-circular veg patches separated by a path of grass. De-turfing the area was hard work, and digging it, harder, but immensely and incredibly satisfying.

My Saturday toils did not finish in the veg garden. Oh no, I got stuck into the cleaning, kitchen, bathrooms, bins, bed, dusting and hovering. I finished at 8 o’clock – a little after Em’s return from looking after her pops for the day – absolutely shattered, sweaty, and good for nothing more than food and silly television.

The first writings about the ‘end of summer’…

This is not me wishing the year or the current fabulous weather, although when you take a look at tomorrow’s forecast you might want to remember you umbrella, but one of the plants I have growing in my garden is the Last Rose of Summer. It’s blooming (great) at the moment, and will do for the rest of the year, taking a little bit of a break at the height of summer, to flower again into autumn and winter (November).

When we move, I’d like to still have one in our garden, and I could buy another one, but I was wondering is it possible/easy to take cuttings and if so how/when do I do it?

This is really posted here as a reminder to me to find out, but if anyone reading this does know the answers to these questions … well, you know where to find me… 🙂

The Calm Before

1. Today has been a day so much better than we were expecting. With it fresh and bright and sunny we got up and did a last bit of cleaning to ‘arrange’ the house for its 11.30 viewing and then departed, getting the hell out of there ahead of time, we made our way to the huge ‘John Lewis-esque’ garden centre at the new ‘Bicester Avenue’. Returning home a couple of hours later to the smell of freshly baked bread we have some lunch, followed by a short siesta (Emma) and working on the programme for the next concert (Me).

2. Then we went for a walk in the late afternoon sun, down by the Oxfordshire canal at Somerton. It was very nice, and although there were threatening clouds, and rainbows and those sharp contrasts of sun on green fields, dark bluey-purples of clouds, and a rainbow cutting through the sky we didn’t get at all wet on our little walk into a cold wind.

3. On route to the walk we passed by a house for sale in Upper Heyford, an ex-council house set back from the road – admittedly opposite the old US air base – with views all across the Cherwell Valley. Looking it up on rightmove when we got back we discovered it to be (in our opinion) grossly over-priced. Yes, it has the views, but they are only really advantageous from the garden with the master bedroom and lounge facing completely the wrong way, and with a grotty looking conservatory in the way.

4. I made a yummy cauliflower and broccoli cannelloni (minus the (gone off) broccoli) tonight, which was super scrummy. Yumm!

5. It’s clear and starry at the moment. No sign of any storm in the air yet…

A Wisley Good Idea


Today, Emma and I took a trip to the Royal Horticultural Society gardens at Wisley to see the Spring flowers, and it was lovely. Gloriously sunny, if a bit on the windy side, we checked out the vegetable gardens, and possibly looked a little strange photographing different varieties of empty beds. But then, one does need to do research before planning a proposed new vegetable garden in a (too be decided) new garden. *grins*

Of Acers, garden ‘experience’€™ centres, and water butts

Today I went to a plant centre and found an acer to go in the big pot that rhodie used to be but was now vacant due the rhodie moving on to an even bigger pot that we went to buy from a new Wyevale garden centre in Bicester – actually I’m loath to call it a garden centre – you approach it from an avenue of trees, and it’s bigger than some branches of John Lewis! We also got me a waterbutt and my dad helped me install it, which will probably mean that we are now going to get a heat wave!!

Well, it’s a bit late now for working on The Novel, so I think I may retire to bed. Here’s hoping for a stress free Monday for all concerned… 🙂