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The Mysteries that Shroud the old Green Knowe

The River at Green Knowe by L.M. Boston, illustrated Peter Boston Lucy Boston’s first and original book, The Children of Green Knowe has long been a favourite of mine – a ghost story with a hint of fantasy set in the quietly mysterious Fens. Six…

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The Ghosts of Old Green Knowe

One of my favourite books is The Children of Green Knowe, and one of the most magical adaptations I’ve seen was the BBC’s not often seen 1986 series. Four years ago emej and I were fortunate enough to visit the…

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The Ebony Mouse

I’ve been to Hemingford Grey a few times in the last year, and not realised that the manor house overlooking the river there is actually the former house of Lucy M. Boston and the setting for the Green Knowe stories….

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