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The first day of a new year

The first day of a new year

I’ve never been one for making the big New Year’s Resolutions that are forgotten by the end of the first month (if not the first week) of the new year. But I do like to take stock and try to form some broad aims.

In recent years these aims have included being generally fitter twelve months from now, or reading more (and in this last one I’ve done very well for the past two years). This year in addition to those two standing aims, I want to vow to play my flute more and do more practice.

This Christmas I’ve enjoyed playing notes out of a trumpet again – I think I may have exorcised some demons from past there – although one day I think I might like to get a trumpet of my own again as I can, kind of play it, to add another instrument to my repertoire. Whilst visiting my brothers I tinkled – in the losest of senses – on Ben’s piano and I enjoyed the fact that some of what I taught myself ten years ago wasn’t completely forgotten. I also haven’t forgotten that the piano is definitely not the instrument for me. Right hand playing one tune on treble clef whilst left hand plays something completely different in bass clef is a skill that is not made for me!!

But in the the meantime I have my flute and I have my piccolo and I think I should start first at playing those better – and yes, that does include finally learning how to play those illusive notes scarily stratopheric above the stave above top G. Yes, I need to start there, and do regular practice.

Celebrating the Britten Centenary

Celebrating the Britten Centenary

On Friday afternoon, Emma and I trekked over to Suffolk for the weekend. I say trekked because it was a long, slow, journey that coincided with rush-hours in several parts of the country, but we made it – just before 7 – at our home for the weekend. My Mum and Dad, and my brother and his family had already arrived at anavar for weight loss Iken Barns, and there was dinner waiting for us on the table, although my Mum and Dad did leave pretty promptly to head out to the Snape Maltings and to the Britten Centenary Concert.

On Friday, it was, to the day, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Britten. billig Viagra danmark Snape Maltings have had a year of special celebrations for the Lowestoft-born composer (I used to go to the dentists formerly-owned by Britten’s parents…), and this weekend saw the culmination of these celebrations with a weekend of concerts many of which broadcast live on 24 ikili opsiyon BBC Radio 3.

I confess that I’ve had an uneasy relationship with Britten over my life. He was obviously a local composer to where I grew up through my whole childhood, and his music is beautifully synonymous with the Suffolk landscape, but I have not always found it easy. My mum and dad and my brother love is music, and can talk for hours about it. Some of his work I love, but an equal amount I find it difficult and hard to get into.

The main musical highlight of the weekend was a family trip, small-people too, to see Britten’s http://whitsettvision.com/?vano=video-autopzionibinarie&1fa=27 video autopzionibinarie Noye’s Fludde in Lowestoft’s St Margaret’s Church. From the first moment we knew that we were in for something special, with the church transformed…

524674_10152013976185630_2006356845_nFrom the old medieval mystery plays, it is the story that we all know and love from the Bible told through music and singing, and performed brilliantly by a mix of professionals to children from the local Youth Orchestra and schools. I feel a bit guilty now for not knowing more of Britten’s music. It can be epic, and great.

It was great to be back in St Margaret’s Church too, which I used to parade to with the Cubs and the Scougts on St George’s  Day. Afterwards, I did a bit of drive-by letterboxing, depositing a copy of my novel through the front door of my first, and inspirational, English teacher.

A beautiful film that perfectly captures the beauty of Britten’s music…

The Tocher – Lotte Reiniger, Benjamin Britten (1938) from Thomas Shepherd on Vimeo.

Something new, something different

Something new, something different

Tonight, binaire opties ideal Abingdon Concert Band embarked on something a bit different. Dan and Kirstie from the cornertrader 4bar Collective showed up to record us for Track V of their project that sees them tour the country (the world too!) recording musicians wherever they may be playing or singing loops of four bars of music which they then take away and put together with other four bar loops to make a track of its own….


Dan and Kirstie discussing the recording


The unusually reduced flute section

In total, the band laid down six 4-bar loops for the project; five sectionals and one full-band conclusion, although exactly how they will come together in the final piece is anybody’s guess. Our conductor Neil, has already contributed to Track II, and this can be seen here:

Mr Tumnal’s ecletic taste in music…

Mr Tumnal's ecletic taste in music...

Mr Tumnal has an eclectic taste in music. His music collection is entirely vinyl and (mostly) cassette, with some recent additions on CD, thus, Kathryn buys him an iPod which she has engraved for him:

For your music collection and mine, love Kathryn xxx

For whatever reason, the iPod is never given, but the engraving is perfect to go alongside the playlist of the book. The actual playlist that I used to write the novel comprised some 86 tracks and that’s not counting the 251 song wedding playlist, or the general ‘Writing and Inspiration’ playlist. I’ve whittled it down to the ones that fit best with Mr Tumnal’s story. Some more detailed explanation of the song choices will follow shortly. Until then, it remains at its most eclectic (which is much the same as Louis Tumnal’s mind). 🙂

In love with fairies

SleepingBeauty-mainEmma’s mum and dad saw Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty when it was on in London and loved it so much that decided too take us to see it when can’t on your to High Wycombe. Now to be fair I don’t much about this ballet. I had forgotten that it was Tchaikovsky and I always get the stories of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White muddled up in my brain. I also knew that Matthew Bourne had a reputation for doing things a bit differently but had little idea what to expect. What we saw was outstandingly brilliant. I haven’t seen much ballet, fearing I think that I wouldn’t understand it. How wrong could I be!

The production was a true Gothic romance with  sumptuous sets and costumes, ingenious effects, and lighting. Starting story in the late nineteenth century it is a world inhabited by witches,  magic, and fairies and moves on to the present day – the everlasting fairies a link with the past.

I’ve discovered three things. Firstly, that ballet can every so much as brilliant as theatre. Secondly, that I really do like Tchaikovsky – I think he might one of my desert island composers. And lastly, that I am just a little bit in love with (okay a lot in love with…) the idea of fairies. Good fairies and bad they make a story.


Afternoon on Random

Take On Me – a-ha
Fáum aldrei nóg – írafár
Into Temptation – Crowded House
Warrant – Foster The People
Banba Oir – Clannad
West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys
Hey Buddy – Nina Simone
With This Love – Peter Gabriel
Wake Me Up – Nora Jones
A Hymn for Janet – Sarah Ellen Hughes
The Lamb – John Tavener
Easy To Forget – Charlotte Church
Roleystone – Sky
22 – Lily Allen
May Your Heart – Melanie C
Flute Quartet in D, K285: Rondeau – Mozart
Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
The Name of the Rose – James Horner
Four Seasons – Crowded House
Preludes , Book 1, I.117: Les Sons Et Les Parfums Tournent Dans L’Air Du Soir – Debussy
George’s Flat In Paris (Aspects of Love) – Andrew Lloyd Webber
When You Come – Crowded House
Scene: In The Pine Forest (The Nutcracker) – Tchaikovsky
Nails In My Feet – Crowded House
Si Hei Lwli – Siân James
Running To Stand Still – U2
Cuts Like A Knife – Bryan Adams
Overture (Music for the Royal Fireworks) – Handel
Slide Away – Oasis
A-Team – Theme Music
Filthy/Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters

The clear skies of winter

Emma is on nights this weekend, and so, with the chances that a large part of tomorrow will be spent asleep, we headed out this morning with the aim of spending as much time as possible outdoors enjoying the weather. And what fabulous weather we had to enjoy! Cold, crisp and sunny – my favourite kind of winter’s day. We headed down to Dorchester on Thames and had a potter round the village and visited the amazing Abbey, with its lead font (really, a lead font? I guess in 1140AD they didn’t know any better…) and then went for a nice walk out to and up the Wittenham Clumps.

At the end of the walk we passed a house selling homemade produce from the gate. And when I say homemade produce, I mean fudge, crumbles, jam, jellies… and all with an honesty box. How cool would it be to live in a village where you could sell so much from the front gate with an honesty box? I want to live in Dorchester! Seduced by all that was on offer we bought a bag of fudge and a blackcurrant crumble. I now wish that I had bought a pot of raspberry and apple jam…

Back home and there was just time to have a cup of tea and review today’s photos before I made spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, which we ate early followed by the the crumble, before Emma headed out to work.

This evening I have mainly be mooching around and giving some of the piccolo pieces for Abingdon Concert Band‘s next Movie Magic concert. I *think* Beauty and the Beast, Hymn to the Fallen, and The Simpsons might be possible … maybe, on a good day … but there’s not a cat in hell’s chance of Pirates of the Caribbean!

On the eighth day of advent: the iPod on shuffle

I’ve just done the roundup of status updates from the year on facebook and I was reminded of this little gem I quoted from Marcus Brigstock:

the big question is do I dare hit ‘shuffle songs’ and risk the horror of 25 years of purchasing choices? I vote yes

I vote yes, too, so another day at work with the iPod on random, and the unexpurgated list as evidence to an eclectic taste

Pomp and Circumstance, No. 4 – Edward Elgar
Theatre – Pet Shop Boys
The Sun In The Stream – Enya
Durme Hermoza Donzella (Sleep Beautiful Damsel) – Judy Frankel
Situation’s Heavy – Sugababes
Closer – Nylon
Radio – The Corrs
The Devil You Know (God Is A Man) – Face to Face
Music For The Boys – Pet Shop Boys
All About Us – t.A.T.u.
Mrs Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel
Million Different Ways – Sugababes
Lost and Found – Michael Nyman (from The Piano
Happy Meal II – The Cardigans
Pavanne Op. 50 – Faure
The Power of Love – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Sweetness Follows – R.E.M.
Just A Thought – Gnarls Barkley
[untitled] – Sigur Rós (from ( ))
Starry Eyed Surprise – Paul Oakenfold
Medley / Every Day / A Heart Full Of Love – from Les Miserables
Friday’s Child – Will Young
Starálfur – Sigur Rós
Doubleback – from Back to the Future part III
Eve of the War – Jeff Wayne
Fyrsta – Sigur Rós
Canyons Of Your Mind – Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Be At Peace – Pakefield Middle School (from A Sweetness In The Air)
He Tells The Bird To Distract The Wolf – Prokofiev (from Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67)
Concerto for 2 Pianos in E flat major, K365 (andante) – Mozart
Devil Inside – INXS
Wear Me Down – Blur
God Is A DJ – Faithless
No Distance Left To Run – Blur
Wanted – Vanessa Carlton
Galaxy of Emptiness – Beth Orton
Nick’s Boogie – Pink Floyd
Song For Whoever – The Beautiful South
Penny Lane – The Beatles
Daybreaker – Beth Orton
Salva Mea [Way Out West Remix] – Faithless
En Saga, tone poem for orchestra, Op. 9 – Sibelius
Movin’ Right Along – The Muppets
Sand In My Shoe – Kath Bloom
Mr Knightley Returns – Rachel Portman (from Emma)
Let There Be Love – Nat ‘King’ Cole
Your Game – Will Young
The Voice of The Enigma – Enigma
The Bartered Bride, Overture – Bedrich Smetna
Prologue – Andrew Lloyd Webber (from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat)
Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House
Meeting Scene (Meno Mosso) – Bernstein (from West Side Story)
Modern Way – Kaiser Chiefs
Proud Of Me – Sesame Street
Know Who You Are – Supertramp
Have Fun, Go Mad – Blair
Let’s Love – Melanie C
London Rain – Heather Nova
Swan Lake Suite Scene – Tchaikovsky
Resigned – Blur
Band In The Rain – Jean-Michel Jarre
King Of The Birds – R.E.M.

Drama, stories, and podcasts have been skipped.
The iPod now contains ‘s music collection in addition to mine. My music collection is therefore now more credible.

The Day In Music

Its been a while since I’ve done one of these. I start the day; I plug my earphones in and set the iPod on random. At best its an eclectic mix, so skipping, no lies, just the whole shameful truth. With 8,485 tracks to choose from there’s quite a lot to choose from!

Mr Vain – Culture Beat
Syncopated Clock – Watch
Looking In The Eyes of Love – The Corrs
Suite from Restless: Willow’s Nightmare/First Rage/Chain of Ancients (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Maggie May – Rod Stewart
Gonna Be Fine – Amy Studt
(Track 2) February 2007 – Various Artists
Something – Shakira
Baby Don’t Cry – INXS
Across the Universe – The Beatles
Dan y Dwr – Enya
Prologue – Leonard Bernstein (from West Side Story)
Kate – Ben Folds Five
Pass Me Down The Wine – Oasis
One Step Too Far – Dido feat. Faithless
Freedom – David Gray
Je dis que rien m’epouvante – Bizet (from Carmen)
Enigma Variations: III RBT – Edward Elgar
G.B.H. (Opening Titles: Life and Times of The Life and Times of Michael Murray) – Elvis Costello and Richard Harvey
Landler – from The Sound of Music
Morris Dance and Trunk Full of Promises – Pakefield Middle School (from A Sweetness in the Air)
Sound of Goodbye – Sugababes
Daydreaming – Massive Attack
Let’s Face The Music and Dance – Nat ‘King’ Cole
Scena (Battle) – Tchaikovsky (from The Nutcracker)
Nothing’s As Good As You – Sugababes
Not While I’m Around – Jamie Cullum
19-2000 (Soulchild remix) – Gorillaz
Faithful – Go West
The King Has Lost His Crown – ABBA
The End – Zbigniew Preisner (from Trois Colours Blanc)
I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles
(Track 12) November 2006 – Various Artists
I Bruise Easily – Natasha Bedingfield
The Only Star In Heaven – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Sinfonia Antarctica Sym. No. 7-4 – Vaughan Williams
Wild Horses – Natasha Bedingfield
How Bizarre (Radio Mix) – OMC
Heartbreaker – The Cardigans
Just Don’t Need This – Sugababes
Blackout – Muse
You Touch My Heart – Phil Collins
Singin’ In The Rain – Jamiie Cullum
With A Little Help From My Friends – Various Artists (from Fame Academy)
Believe In Yourself – Sesame Street (from Tenth Anniversary Album)
Star People 97 – George Michael
Symphony no. 4 in B flat major, op. 60 (adagio 0 allegro vivace) – Beethoven
The Picnic – Rachel Portman (from Emma)
Sparrowhawk – Geoff Sample (from Garden Bird Songs)
Forever Autumn – Jeff Wayne
Here I Stand and Face the Rain – a-ha
Walk Of Life – Dire Straits
I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles
Sinfonia Antarctica Sym. No. 7-1 – Vaughan Williams
Digging In The Dirt – Peter Gabriel
Welcome to Jurassic Park – John Williams
Please – Richard Rogers (from Act Two of Miss Saigon)
Spoiled – Joss Stone
Excerpts from Le Nozze di Figaro, K492 – Mozart
Prettiest Eyes – The Beautiful South
(Just Like We) Breakdown – Hot Chip
Symphony No. 9 in D minor (Choral) Op. 125: Adagio molto cantabile – Beethoven
M79 – Vampire Weekend
Parklife – Blur
Testify – Phil Collins
Beautiful World – Take That
Ikon of St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne – John Taverner
Lament for the Fallen – J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m The Urban Spaceman – Bonzo Dog Ooo-Dah Band
Emabhaceni – Miriam Makeba
You’re Not Alone (Nightmares On Wax Remix) – Olive
All Time High – The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (from Octopussy)
Karelia Suite , for orchestra, Op. 11: No. 3, Alla marcia – Sibelius

Drama and audiobook tracks have been skipped.

On the fourth day of advent: why I hate batteries

Earlier this week I discovered that my laptop battery was dead, well 20 minutes of life with a dimmed screen, is honestly caput. So I’ve ordered a new which has been despatched today. Last night, I discovered that my power supply was also finito, and today I bought a universal one from the computer services shop…

Then tonight, on the way home, conveniently (not) on the M40 roundabout my battery light came on. I stopped at Kwik Fit on the way through Bicester, they tested it and told me it needed recharging and sent me on the way (very uniterested by it), and then, spittings distance from my home (although annoyingly just that little bit too far, I conked out. Called the AA out, waited an hour, called again and was advised that the guy was held up on the previous job and he might be another hour. He advised me to walk home and wait there.

Now the police have come round to check that I’m okay. They are fine with me leaving my car where it is, so that was nice of them at least.

Anyway, whilst I wait for the man from the AA, Terence in Strawberry Van with our shopping, here’s something to cheer me up. Not the greatest recording, but a great piece of music!

Day On Random

I’ve added so much to my iPod in the last year, what with adding ‘s cd collection and the wedding playlist and all, I wanted to see just what I came up with if I had a whole day on random. Thus, today’s post is born.

Little Lotte…/The Mirror – Andrew Lloyd Webber
You Are My One Desire – Buddy Holly
Kids In America – The Muffs
Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op.46: Morning – Grieg
On Your Shore – Enya
Only Time – Enya
Gee, Officer Krupke! – Bernstein
If Lovin’ You Is Wrong – Faithless
When Horsepower Meant What It Said – Sandi Thom
Secret Messages – Electric Light Orchestra
Knockers – The Darkness
Thank You – Dido
Inspection Check One – Leftfield
Þad Sést Ekki Sætari Mey – Björk
Porcelain – Moby
Come To Me РBj̦rk
Nutcracker (march) – Tchaikovsky
The Future Isn’t Written – from Back To The Future III
Hogwart’s Hymn – from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The House at Pau – Andrew Lloyd Webber
Fimm á Richter – Nylon
Galaxy of Emptiness – Beth Orton
Babylon – David Gray
You Surround Me – Erasure
It Only Works – Spin Sound
Under Your Spell/Standing (reprise) – from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling
Hold On – KT Tunstall
Einskonar ást – Nylon
December – David Gray
Corner of My Mind – Vanilla Ninja
Leading Lady – Andrew Lloyd Webber
Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson
Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Elvis Presley
Songbird – Oasis
The Overture (Concerts In China) – Jean Michel Jarre
Bad Obsession – Guns’N’Roses
Come Together – The Beatles
Easy Way Out – Charlotte Church
Divertissment: Chocolate (Hungararian Dances) – Tchaikovsky
Beautiful Lie – Amy Studt
Intro – Muse
Chocolate Cake – Crowded House
A Musical Joke: Presto – Sky
Slide – Dido
Gypsy Girl – Wet Wet Wet
Alone – Lucie Silvas
Western Union – from Back To The Future II
Hoodoo – Muse
Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K550 9 (andante) – Mozart
Hammer To Fall – Queen
Even Better Than The Real Thing – U2
Frozen – Madonna
Karelia Suite: Ballade – Sibelius
Forever Texas – Robbie Williams
Adagio, Cello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85 – Elgar
Girl With a Pearl Earring – Alexandre Desplat
Blind Man – The Darkness
Rule Britannia – from Dad’s Anthems
Sonata for Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord in G Major, BWV1027: IV (allegro moderato) – Bach
Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams
Pilgrim – Enya
Portrait of a Lady: End Credits – Wojciech Kilar
Timor – Shakira
Dance – S Club
Music of the Heart – from Music of the Heart
Come With Me – Phil Collins
Standing – from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling
Pity the Child – from Chess
Baby Don’t Cry – INXS
When You Know You Know – Natasha Beddingfield
Wild Is The Wind – George Michael
G.B.H. (closing titles) – Elvis Costello and Richard Harvey
Peace of Me – Natasha Beddingfield
Fashion Show (from Three Colours Red) – Zbigniew Preisner
Journey to the Island (from Jurassic Park) – John Williams
The Masked Ball – Patrick Doyle
Hello, Goodbye – The Beatles
Concerto no. 10 in G minor – Maurice Andre
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – Bryan Ferry
Asuncion – Ennio Morricone
One Day Like This – Elbow
Yesterdays – Guns’N’Roses
Smile – Nat ‘King’ Cole
Lady Madonna – The Beatles

Skipping just the audiobooks that came up.

Friday Muse-ings

Today has felt a bit like the end of term. It’s deathly quiet in the office, and I had a very nice lunch out in Little Clarendon Street (surely one of the best streets in the whole of Oxford?) with , catching up on life, and chatting about words and writing and ideas.

~ For the wedding playlist Jane nominated a Muse track, opzioni binarie no deposit bonus Invincible and then subsequently pointed me in the direction of a cover of köp Cialis 40 mg online utan recept Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You. Today she provided me with three Muse albums, which I’m listening to the first of right now, and its good, it’s inspiring and it’s getting me fired up to write.

~ Diana Wynne Jones’ 1985 book beställa Viagra säkert Fire & Hemlock is one of both Jane and my favourite books. Further to our lunchtime conversation, Jane has pointed me towards an essay by DWJ herself, tastylia without prescription The Heroic Ideal—A Personal Odyssey wherein she talks about heroes and the writing of Viagra holland billiger Fire & Hemlock. It’s fascinating and inspiring stuff.

Interesting two of the things that are inspiring me today, are albums by Muse and a journal article made available online by Project Muse.

aprendista opzione binarie Project MUSE – The Lion and the Unicorn – The Heroic Ideal—A Personal Odyssey
Source: muse.jhu.edu
Diana Wynne Jones, ‘The Heroic Ideal—A Personal Odyssey’ http://avlo.be/?option=com_wrapper analisi tecnica forex tempo reale The Lion and the Unicorn, June 1989, 13 (1), pp. 129-140, The Johns Hopkins University Press

I Still Believe (in the playlist)

Our wedding playlist is truly eclectic. We’ve only had a handful of duplications to date, and it now stands at some 186 songs (by which I mean songs, sometimes in the loosest of meanings) and 12 hours worth of running time. I’ve not had much difficulty in sourcing tracks either. It is already documented how I had to cross-reference several googlings in order to track down the 1920’s song demo transazioni binarie Rose-Marie from the musical of the same name, and George Hamilton IV’s 1977 song opcje binarne mt4 Everlasting (Everlasting Love) required digitising from an ebay-bought original LP. All of this sourcing pales into insignificance against the sourcing of Aelfthryth’s choice; Hayden Panettiere’s 2007 går det att köpa Cialis på nätet I Still Believe from the Disney film Cinderella III: A Twist In Time. This has been seemingly impossible to get hold of. Determination for completeness in the playlist has paid off though, and I have found it – somewhere out there on the internet – probably best not to say anymore…

The eclectic mix just got more eclectic

Seeing as my iPod has a ridiculous 80Gb of space on it I’ve been working my way through ‘s CD collection. Now my iPod, being a collection‐without‐selection of every piece of music I collect was always an eclectic mix. With Emma’s music, one could say that the choice on offer is becoming more ‘credible’ (although just what is ‘cred’?).

I’m also spending quite a lot of time on iTunes as the 5 Songs suggestions come in from our wedding guest list, and thus the collection becomes more eclectic still.

52 tracks so far, doing well… 🙂

The (controversial) Oxford comma

Emma and I have been asking our guest list for 5 song suggestions each for use post-meal at our wedding reception. I’ve always hoped that we would get a thoroughly eclectic mix of songs and unearth some hidden gems. Yesterday we received Jane’s list, and amongst them was the totally intriguing:

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma
For an Oxford-based writer… self-explanatory, surely

I leapt onto iTunes and downloaded the track, and you know what? Thomas has a new favourite song. Who’da thought that you could make a song out of the (controversial) serial comma? Thanks Jane… 🙂

Actually, I like this track so much I’ve downloaded Vampire Weekend’s whole album and its damn good. The Oxford Comma track stands well alongside the, as previously discussed Mr Unhappy, as being a track that makes me curiously very happy. It’s quirky and unusual and absolutely brilliant. 🙂

Day of Various Things

~ Woke up this morning in the most alarming of ways. My dream was brought to a (literally) crashing end with the thought that someone had thrown a brick through the window. What’s more, with our neighbours off somewhere early, all I could hear post-crashing explosion was the sound of a car running. I was very brave though and went downstairs to discover what it was that the cats had broken. What it was Arthur who had, in an attempt to gain access to cat nip, gotten up onto the side in the kitchen and thwacked the honey jar containing it onto the floor and was now standing red‐handedpawed amongst the carnage.

~ Thankfully no hurt was done in the event, although bizarrely the doors under the bureau had also fallen out. We can only imagine that (psychologically‐disturbed) Ronnie had gone to wee on glass again only to have the fright of his life!!

~ Cat #6, Madeline, has been settling into the homestead quite well. Yesterday she was decidedly wobbly but today she’s been much more stable on her feet which is good. You can see a picture of our harlequin‐faced new arrival in the userpic to this post.

~ We went to see Heather in her new Buckingham house this morning. She had had some new curtains made and needed help in hanging them. Her house is lovely, with a good view of Buckingham and its church. What’s more she wanted to give us her old lounge curtains which are, IMHO, almost brand new and go with our three‐piece suite very well.

~ In the afternoon and evening we went to Em’s parents for dinner. There we were able to talk over wedding matters and songs for the reception. We’ve had suggestions from a couple of people now and I was able to plunder their CD collection for a few of the tracks. Emma’s dad also gave us a pair of Revolver speakers for use at the wedding but which we can also keep.

~ Upon getting home we hooked up the new speakers to find them very, very good. We also discovered that my parents had come up with their list of wedding songs. They finally manage to short list 14 tunes from a long list of 178!!! I think they were having fun down memory lane this evening!