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Something to end the week on in the sun! Started off on Monday really not sure I could migrate another two websites by 1 August, and ended thinking, yes, yes it’s doable (just)… #work #productive #success

Viagra generika billig bestellen Something to end the week on in the sun! Started off on Monday really not sure I could migrate another two websites by 1 August, and ended thinking, yes, yes it's doable (just)... #work #productive #success

metformin sale Something to end the week on in the sun! Started off on Monday really not sure I could migrate another two websites by 1 August, and ended thinking, yes, yes it’s doable (just)… #work #productive #success

Out of my comfort zone

För Viagra 25 mg master My job title may be the grandly sounding Web and Digital Media officer, but I am essentially a web designer; I’m also writer; I can paint and draw… I am essentially a creative individual. I like technology and I enjoy gadgets, and yes, I’m quite geeky but I’m a computer a nerd. The one part of my job description where really I have very little clue is server maintenance, and yet I am supposed to maintain them. These are public-facing, business critical webservers and I am somehow supposed to troubleshoot them when they go wrong.

trading on line opzioni binarie For the record they do go wrong, both of them. One is old and slow, and refuses to be backed up and the other decides to go unreponsive for no apparent reason. I have been lumbered with two of them because one ones ASP and runs PHP. It should be possible to have both on one but could I get the two systems to play nice. Could I heck?!

opzioni binarie online truffa So, I spent the day with my old boss, completely reformatting a spare, new, server that we happened to have sitting idle, and started from scratch setting up everything that we would need to have the two systems running nicely together. Hey, and guess what it all works. I haven’t got so far as setting up the websites in duplicate on it, but the technology works. But, I would have been lost without IT guidance as to what to do which has proved something to me – I can build websites and problem solve code at that level but when it goes beyond that to hardware configuration, I just don’t have the brain for it.

Productive Sunday

http://istore-buy.com/bestsellers/tastylia.html Buy Tastylia Online No Prescription Needed/a> So, disappointingly, after the gloriousness of the snow and sunshine of yesterday, today was altogether a greyer day. Still, that was probably a good thing as it made doing jobs a bit easier to bear. Emma headed off early to work, and then, after a leisurely breakfast with the Sunday paper I headed out into the garden to clean out and defrost the bunnies and the chickens. After that I headed into Bicester to buy our Valentine’s Day meal from M&S – their £20 meal deal which looks scrummy-yummy! Emma had taken Ronnie into work with her this morning so picked him up when I went home.

http://amylyx.com/?lili=%D9%85%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AC%D8%B9%D8%A9-%D8%AB%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%A6%D9%8A-%D8%AE%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%B1-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D9%86%D8%AA%D8%AC مراجعة ثنائي خيار المنتج After a spot of lunch, I then set about cleaning the house together with doing a spot of cleaning up of Emma’s laptop (my Mum’s old one) to make it faster. After all of that and a bit of washing, there was just time to get the the lamb hot pot in the oven ready for when Emma got back from work.

buy Viagra gel uk So, a busy if productive Sunday…

Cold enough for snow

secrets to binary options trading It’s been an odd kind of day. It’s been a very cold, dull, grey day, the kind of day that dulls the sound of chickens squawking. Emma did the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, although there weren’t a hell of a lot of birds to count. It’s been a weird time of year – so much food around that they just aren’t coming to our garden restaurants.

opcje binarne trend We had breakfast quite early for a Sunday but then got stuck into clearing out bureau and doing some long overdue filing. I carried on the filing later in the afternoon by finally – about 10 years later than planned – getting all the utility bills & c. into folders of their own kind, and organising them into the filing draw of my desk. 🙂

The story continues…

dbol sale ‘Where now? Where are we safe?’

binaire opties ervaring And so, at this somewhat troubling point, I reach the thirty-seventh chapter of Mr Tumnal’s story. It’s a turning point for them to realise that they are safe nowhere, but it is Nowhere where they can’t return to because that is where She remains, ruling over her people. There are some nice scenes to come, oh yes…

On the eighteenth day of advent: of productiveness and carcinogenic potatoes

http://stmarysvancouver.ca/?victor=60-binary 60 binary ~ a quiet, slow start to today after Lucy’s Christmas carol party last night. Okay, so carols are not that hard to play, but I think this weekend has taught me that what I lack most of all when it comes to my playing is the confidence. I guess that’s the same problem that I’ve had in so many areas of my life. Anyway, I really enjoyed playing carols yesterday, both with the rest of Abingdon Concert Band, and as solo accompaniment to Lucy’s piano and her friends singing.

http://clarionmusic.com/?kyzja=trading-online-recensioni&449=d9 trading online recensioni ~ we made the most of the weather today, heading out into the cold, clear midwinter’s day to clean out the bunnies and the chickens, who were very soggy.

binära optioner candlestick ~ after the late breakfast we decided to forgo lunch and have a late Sunday roast beef dinner in the mid-afternoon. So I did a bit of preliminary preparations for the meal, before setting to rearranging the study. The study has got a bit out of control of late – no longer the comfortably full room of books to study and work in – but the dumping ground for everything we haven’t sorted out. I still need to tackle long overdue filing and purge some of the unnecessary junk, but it is now reorganised into such a way that both Emma and I could sit at our respective desks at the same time, and the newly-acquired, free, desktop computer can be set up and used.

~ dinner was, although later than planned, yummy. Beautiful meat and veggies with gravy of just one oxo cube and the meat juices. The only slight disappointment was the roast potatoes, which, having been in the oven a bit too long were a little on the charcoal/carcinogenic side of done.

Death and the bifrost

Despite my best efforts, and getting up at a reasonable time both on Saturday köpa Viagra i spanien and Sunday, it seems thawt I am not going to finish The Novel this weekend. Thawt’s not to say that I am not close. Very close. For I am säkert att köpa Viagra på nätet that close, but I am not there yet. I haven’t written as much this weekend as I had hoped – there is definitely something about the amount of writing achieved being directly disproportional to the availability of time in which to do it – but I have written, and I am closing in on that final conflict…

And Bella and Arthur have had an enjoyment weekend too, unleashed and roaming mine and the neighbours garden. Of course keeping them in until they get access to the fabled cat flap is now going to be increasingly difficult now that they have tasted freedom.