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The calm after the storm

The calm after the storm

So, after much media hype the storm to end all storms (as it was billed) proved to be somewhat disapointing. It seems odd to say something that wasn’t as devastating as it could have been is disappointing. Please don’t think for a minute that I would have wanted it devastating for any property, life, or the environment, but I think, if I’m honest I was hoping for some kind of extreme of weather. Extremes of weather are exciting which is why people do go down to the sea tho look at the waves coming in, it go out and arrange in the rain during thunderstorms. Aside from half an hour of moderately heavy rain at 6 o’clock this morning we didn’t have any (non-devastating) drama.

The roads were blissfully quiet on the way to work though, and by half-seven it was the most beautiful autumnal day, so there were plus points… 🙂

On the second day of advent: it’s snow event

I’ve been feeling a bit left out. It does seem that I live in just about the only county in Britain that isn’t currently affected by snow. There’s snow to the north of me, snow to the south of me, snow to the east of me, and snow… Okay, yes, we have a sprinkling of the white here and there but nothing more than an icing sugar dusting of white.

I realise that for many they would rather see the back of the snow and I shouldn’t complain but its so darn beautiful. It also seems to bring out the best in people as they find ways to muddle through their lives and carry on as normal. That said, why on earth should we find ways to carry on as normal. I wish that more people would look honestly at the situation (probably somewhere midway between ‘don’t travel unless you really need to’ and ‘the actual weather in your area’) and make decisions about whether they need to travel. Certainly anyone who can work from home should be allowed and encouraged to, and given the facility to do so where necessary so that the only people on the roads are those who absolutely have no other choice.

And if, after all of this we lose x-number of snow days? Well, so be it. Truth is, in our country, currently and historically we don’t get long periods of severe weather in the winter so it would be ridiculous to resource the infrastructure to cope with this. Of course, if this is a fundamental shift of our environment and it becomes something that lasts for a month or more then yes, the infrastructure needs to change to allow for our lives to continue as they do in other countries. Until then, lets just enjoy the beauty and the wonder in these scenes…

Loch Ness

الخيارات الثنائية الموارد التجارية ( see more )

On the eleventh day of Christmas: when the snow finally falls

It’s kind of ironic that when we finally get snow of any note, the rest of the country appears to have got tired of the white stuff and are now concerned about the danger it brings and how much longer they have to endure it. Excuse me! Can you leave Oxfordshire out of it, and just let us enjoy the fun side of snow for a little bit. We’ll come round to join your way of thinking eventually, but right now we just want to sit and stare, and tomorrow, make snowmen… 🙂

Straw Lamb

It’s a blustery afternoon, too wet for gardening, so instead I set about finishing up this year’s jam making: today, strawberry jam – my favourite. Further to my experiences with the raspberry jam the other day, I make it in two batches, back to back.

Mmnn, making jam as the rain falls… 🙂

Momentary Relief

Finally we get rain; not much rain but some rain. I got the washing in, and then returned to the patio, outstretched my arms and felt the large, warm, droplets of water on my face. Bliss! It’s enough to make you sing, umm … to sing in the rain! Yay!! 🙂

Decisions, Decisions

~ And back to John Lewis on a Saturday – the novelty is wearing off of our Saturday trips to John Lewis – to see Nick for a final kitchen planning appointment. We review the plans and make a few amendments and then all but place the order. It’s still a bit more than I was hoping to spend, and we are compromising on not having the integrated fridge freezer but it is going to be a nice kitchen, and well, well worth it.

~ The trip home really wasn’t nice though. The rain and the wind was abysmal and the number of idiots on the road, unbelievable.

The Wild and The Wet

Yesterday was threatening. Today, the rain and the wind and dark swept in. I don’t think it has got light all day. Umm… I bussed it to work today it was so bleak and foreboding and dark and wet. Now I’m home, and I’m not going out again. Today is for hibernating. Today is for autumnal coziness in front of the (or be it fake) fire.

Fingers crossed for a change (the weather forecast)

1. On Wednesday night, the weather looked good for Saturday and Saturday night, but come yesterday morning it was altogether much more of a ‘damp’ picture. That said, they are now saying its going to be nice on Friday again, broadly speaking, so maybe we might get lucky for the Bicester and Abingdon Concert Band firework spectacular in Garth Park on Saturday night.

2. I’m trying not to think about the viewing on my house last night. I want to know. I want to phone Alexander’s and ask them. I’m not going to. They’ll phone me just as soon as they hear something.

3. Em just phoned me from outside a (closed) animal sanctuary with a couple of fledgling Jays that some helpful soul had ‘rescued’ and brought into the vets. There was much squawking down the line. I did however leap onto the phone with the anticipation that it might be the estate agent. What have I become?

4. Okay, have just heard from Alexanders. The lady from Jay Close liked my house, and the south-facing garden, that’s good. 🙂 But let me get this straight:

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5. Because its fun, it passes the time, and its a damn sight easier to understand than house chains, I’m going to continue with yesterday’s iPod on shuffle. If anything it is an insight into my random and eclectic musical tastes! *grins*

Sigur Rós – ( )
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Everything’s Alright
Emily Brontë – Wuthering Heights [skipped]
Zbigniew Preisner – Ellipsis 3 (from estrategia opções binarias 60 segundos Three Colours Blue)
Melanie C – Positively Somewhere
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Stone The Crows
Sandi Thom – When Horsepower Meant What It Said
Maurice Andre – Concerto no. 8 in B flat major (Trumpet Concertos)
Diana Krall – It Was a Beautiful Day in August/You Can Depend on Me
Chantel Kreviazuk – Feels Like Home
Bernstein – Finale: adagio (from where did you buy Viagra without prescription in Norfolk Virginia West Side Story)
Madonna – Nobody’s Perfect
Mozart – Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K550 (andante)
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Overture (from Phantom of the Opera)
Vanilla Ninja – Black Symphony
The Darkness – Hazel Eyes
Lily Allen – Friend of Mine
Beth Orton – Absinthe [skipped – as reprise from yesterday]
Feist – The Park
John Williams – Hook-Napped
Sixpence None The Richer – Breathe Your Name
Andrew Lloyd Webber – On This Night of a Thousand Stars
Kylie Minogue – Your Love
KT Tunstall – Miniature Disasters
Elgar – No. 3 in C minor (from Enigma Variations)
Patrick Doyle – The Wooing of Catherine (from Henry V)
Mike Oldfield – The Wind Chimes, Pt. 1-2
Lene Marlin – You Weren’t There
Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition: La grande porte de Kiev
Vanilla Ninja – Outcast
Enya – Lothlórien
Robbie Williams – She’s The One (from Soundrack to Saaremaa)
Hayley Westerna – Who Painted the Moon Black?
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Call Me Rusty
Mozart – Sonarta for Piano and Violin in F, K. 377: Allegro
Mark Knopfler – Morning Ride (from The Princess Bride)
Bizet – La cloche a sonnee (from Carmen)
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Go, Go, Go Joseph
Nylon – Feel So Alive
Beethoven – Symphony no. 4 in B flat major, op. 60 (adagio)
The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down
Jamie Cullum – These Are The Days
Sugababes – Too Lost In You
Bryan Adams – I’ll Always Be Right There
Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Journey to the Heaviside Layer
Birgitta Haukdal – Að eilífu
Beth Orton – Touch Me With Your Love
Katie Melua – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (live)
Sky – Skylark
Buffy: Once More With Feeling – Walk Through the Fire
Kristin Chenoweth – Popular (from Wicked)
Catrin Finch – Suo Gâo
All Saints – Pure Shores
Grieg – Volkslied op. 12 No. 5
Írafár – Eldur i mér
Van Halen – Top Jimmy
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Prologue (from Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat)
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
Debussy – Le Tombeau de Couperin (Foriane)
Katie Melua – Mary Pickford
Tchaikovsky – Children’s Galop and Entry of the Parents (from The Nutcracker)
Peter Gabriel – Open
Faithless – Insomnia
Dionne Warwick – Do You Know The Way to San Jose?
Beth Orton – Paris Train
Spin Sound – Shuddup (mix one)
Atomic Kitten – Tomorrow and Tonight
Reduced Shakespeare Company – Born Great (from The Complete Millennium Musical)
The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There
Norah Jones – In The Morning

Yuck, yuck, yuckity-yuck!

So rain was always on the forecast for today, so I was always planning to get the bus. That said, when I was getting up, the weather actually looked okay-ish, an I was halfway tempted to cycle it. By the time that I got to the Park&Ride it was a steady drizzle, and by the time we’d got into town it was proper, drenching rain.

I’m so glad that I stuck to my plans and bussed it.


All I can say is, it had better rain this afternoon – say between 4 and 5 o’clock! I say this, not because I want it to rain but because I don’t want my feelings of being tricked by the weather forecast into taking the bus because of squally rain instead of cycling through what seems to be the most gorgeous of mornings, to come to fruition.

That said I did get to read on the bus, which when you are spitting distance from starting a new book is always good! 🙂

Bloomin’ Cold

It’s a beautiful day out there, but by heck it’s cold. It was a nice cycle ride though, into work, even if my tootsies were frozen upon arrival. And my tummy seems to be a little bit flatter – or am I seeing things? I probably am, when I say that it’s possible I might even be a little shapelier.

This is uncharacteristically becoming something of a Bridget Jones-esque post… :-

خيار ثنائي الرسم البياني الحية 20080306-1258 Edit: Too right it was cold. Just heard on the weather forecast that temperatures got down to –8° last night!

It’s all in the name

Whilst my heart goes out to all those affected by this weekend’s flooding, one has to think that you should not be surprised when flood plains flood. After all, the event is there in the name isn’t it?

Upton-on-Severn Floods

I also find this picture of Upton-on-Severn very facinating. Upton-on-Severn? Too right, it’s Upton on Severn! But also, look carefully at the outline of the old town. Yup, it’s dry, and it’s bordered precisely by the flood waters. Centuries ago, our ancestors new what they were doing…

Dark and inspirational

Yught! I woke the sound of rain – heavy rain, and decided, considering the forecast to ditch my normal, trust two wheels and bus it from the park & ride. I think I’ve made the right decision. We’re sinking into ever-decreasing gloom – it’s as dark as night.

Strangely though, I’m finding it all rather inspirational and invigorating. This true dark is rising weather and it’s great! Okay, now there are flashes of lightning, and no end in sight for this rain. I’m finding it quite hard to resist the temptation to write my novel its so damn inspiring, but oh for my blasted conscience.

Still, in other news. At least my water butt should be full by now. 🙂

We’ve had a lot of rain. Well, it’s been very wet.

This is indeed true, what I say. However what is, perhaps more curiously interesting is that despite the (pretty much universal) perception that we have had a near two months of constant rain, I’m not sure if that’s been the case. These last two months have coincided with my cycling to work, and looking back it’s actually been a fairly even split of waterproofs and non-waterproofs days. Indeed, there have been just two occasions when I have got seriously wet.


Sheltering under bus stops

1. At about 3.30 this afternoon it absolutely pissed it down with rain, and my heart sank. By 4 o’clock though it had cleared up to a mild drizzle, and there was even a wee bit of blue sky visible somewher over the centre of town as I left OUP via the quad. It was all lies though. Damn lies and deception. Back on the Woodstock Road and the heavens opened with big clunking rain drops. I battled on, in my waterproofs, until when I almost at the ringroad, and where I have to cross-over, I found myself a bus stop to cycle straight into and stop under. I stayed there and sheltered for a while but it didn’t really ease off so in the end I made a run for it (or should I say ‘a cycle for it’…)

2. So we have a new Prime Minister. Well I wish him well. Certainly Gordon Brown can’t be any worse than Tony Blair. The thing is I am actually still broadly in favour of the Labour party. They’ve not been as radical and as socialist as I would have liked, and they have had a lying, deceitful, dangerous and deluded leader at the helm for ten years, but even so, I do still feel better off (both me, and also as a country) and the country does seem to be moving in the right direction – broadly speaking.

3. I was thinking. People often complain about about Labour (and the Lib Dems) moving increasing to the centre and right-of-centre ground, but actually you could look at as being where they have to be in a country that has become broadly conservative. I guess it all depends on whether there is still a left-right movement throught the parties. I wonder how much Labour has taken the country to the right, and how much the country and taken Labout…?

The blustery day (reprise)

1. Yes, dear readers Britain has once again been ravaged by storms. And yes it has been very bad in places (did anyone see the footage of that aeroplane trying to take off from Birmingham airport?), but like all of Britain’s bad weather the media and the weather forecasters always manage to over dramatise things and and make them sound much much worse than they actually are. This is not to say that is very sad that some people have died as a result of the weather (any loss of life is always sad) but it is important to remember that these winds were nationwide and the loss of life was remarkable small. Also they are only splashed across the national headlines because of the media’s habbit of reporting every event in such situations. If the wind hadn’t have been so widespread, and just one or two people died, would it have been reported…? The agenda of the media to dramatise events like this in these situations does irritate me.

2. I am once again living Lakeside.

3. Some more new pieces at band tonight, including one on on that funny handwritten-style of printed music that I found next to impossible to play. It’s also particularly impossible to play when it’s all on ledger lines above the stave and in seven (yes seven!!) flats. I think the composer might have realised that he was being a bit harsh on us when, near the end, we actually got given about four bars with just the one sharp!!

4. Managed to do some more crits over at CritiqueCircle today, but seem to have done a splendid job of procrastinating away from my own novel. I must fix that this weekend.

5. I want to see the film Miss Potter. I may go tomorrow night…

The blustery day

1. Got woken at 3 o’clock this morning by wind – no blustery gales – and I’m sure rain. However later on, the lake outside my house had gone down a bit, so I don’t know. At the Green Road roundabout I thought for a minute the car was going to take off with the wind, and it’s been blowing around all day being very noisy and inconsiderate, and flexing the glass in the windows of the solicitors office next door.

2. First band tonight. A couple more challenging pieces in which I alternate flute and piccolo along with Amy. I really like my piccolo when I get the notes right and they sore off over the top of the band.

3. And I met my new neighbour today, or at least one of them. Tim’s girlfriend was out, but Tim was outside his front door with his mate having a crafty cigarette when I got back from band. He seems like a nice enough guy.

4. It’s now getting close on a week, since I worked out what I need to do finish revising Part One, and I haven’t yet. Not because I can’t but just because I don’t seem to have had time. I will I will I will make sure that I don’t fritter my weekend away and get on and do it. I need to finish it and get the book *out* there…

5. …that is, except, I had a phone call this morning. Blackwell’s have got the book I ordered in. Four British Fantasists: being a book about Alan Garner, Penelope Lively, Susan Cooper and Diana Wynne Jones – or to put it another way, just about my four favourite authors of all time, in one book.