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The Magic of Weddings

I’ve had a very nice evening, helping to celebrate Claire and Neil’s wedding. We arrived in Abingdon about 7 o’clock for the evening part of the reception and Claire, looking beautiful in her wedding dress, leapt up to greet us when we stepped out onto the terrace with our drinks. A little later we were joined by my fellow ‘upper-wind’ players Rachel and Lucy and we had a very nice evening chatting and eating a very fine barbeque dinner, and one of the best cakes I think I’ve tasted.

Claire and Neil's wedding

Whilst Emma and I sat and admired the grounds, beautifully set just on the banks of the Thames, I found myself getting ideas for Mr Tumnal’s story. It makes perfect sense for their to be a scene, sometime after Kathryn and Louis split up, for Louis to be attend a wedding – here I’m thinking it should be Tom and Polly’s wedding – and for Louis to be sat on a bench in the grounds talking with his partner, Amanda. Across the lawn meanwhile his friends see Louis sat on the bench apparently talking to himself. How the lives unfold, nice… 🙂

The Day After

The weather today has been glorious, sunny and hot. Em and I went for a ride on the narrow guage railway with a collection of littl’uns and their families. We saw the summit of Snowdon and had a fantastic time, and then lounged around in the sun at Craflwyn in the afternoon. The Pooles and the Cants stayed into the evening – especially nice as it filled a hole after the Shaws left early.

We even got to see more of Lucy, David and Katie, as upon returning from the train ride we discovered that they had lost the key to their bunkhouse with everything looked inside. Several full scale searches ensued but to no avail, and we weren’t able to raise Sarah. In the end Sarah did come and open up the bunkhouse, and the key was found within. David ‘hadn’t’ lost the key, but rather Lucy had somehow managed to lock the large bunkhouse with the small bunkhouse key but then failed to unlock it again.

Edit: The only downside to the day was when Emma’s Dad had a strop and stormed out to go and sit in his car for a while, before creeping back in.

The Best Day of My Life

Yesterday was the best day of my life, by far. This weekend has been the best weekend. At about quarter past two Phil The Photographer called upon me for pre-wedding photos. After the lowering cloud and horzontal rain of yesterday, today’s weather was ever-improving. As the guests arrived they would ask me if I was nervous, to which, each time with increasing frustration I would reply, ‘I wasn’t until you asked me that!’. But my hand remained steady as I moved between entrance hall to front drive.

At five to three, two things happened. Fristly , after carefully working out the timing of the entrance music and the necessary signals between usher and best-man, Sarah announces taht she needs to close the doors to the main room soon. We resolve this but then came a dilemma. The hall still looked half-empty of guests but upon checking the seating plan I discoverdd that we were down on only four people: Amanda and Robert, Jane, and Steven. We held on for a few more minutes before I took my place at the front of the hall.

My brother starts the music – an excerpt from Vaughan William’s opcje binarne abramowicz Fantasia On A Theme By Thomas Tallis. I am by this point extremely emotional and can feel myself welling-up beneath my eyes. When I see Emma enter with her DadI feel really puffy, and she is red around the eyes.

We are left standing a the front, but it is Emma that has to tell me to sit. Our superintendent registrar, David Wynne Roberts introduces the cermony, Em’s mum does her reading and the declarations are made, and Lucy plays the music brilliantly (the Third Entr’acte from i need to buy Maxalt without a prescription in West Jordan Utah Carmen – a haunting flute melody), my mum does her reading 0t eh whole thing passes almost as a blur. We kiss, we leave adn walk out into the sunshine. Deiniol hands me a Pimms; never has it been more welcome.

Our photographs are takien, with it not taking too long, allthough for us it did take longer as Phil took us about the estate for various one’s on our own, and then gently coaxed us to don our walking boots (Emma’s beneather her dress) and climb up the mountain for photographs by the wall that we built. Everyone was very amused by this idea but I think it was well worth it! 🙂

The main room was, by now, transformed fro the meal and beautiful. The meal was the best 0 everyone seemed to agree that it was the best wedding breakfast they had ever had (but then again, Blas ar Fwyd have served royalty, and by royalty I mean as royal as you can get!). We had bubble fights with the little’uns, particularly Aelfthryth and Edith (although we didn’t know it at the time but they kept on coming froward and going back to sketch us ‘from life’ for pictures in the guest book.

When the speeches came they were goo – even if David’s was a bit unsuitable for anyone still eating or digesting their food, as it contained stories of Emma and her vetinary exploits, like the defrosting a dead dog with hairdriers and boiling a cats hind leg!! My borther’s focused on my not doing things by half and involved him prducing a copy of binäre optionen gewinner strategie Ruins of the Old which he threatened to, but didn’t, read from.

My own, succeeded in being brief (for me, very important) and getting a laugh out fo the thank you’s to the bridesmaids, and for my delayed (deliberately) opening of حجم خيار ثنائي My Wife and I to the second paragraph.

And then to the music – wel, even I got up and danced for a bit. When I wasn’t revelling in the Welsh cheese board.

Alone in our room later, Emma had a final surprise for me in a wedding day card for me. Everything was just perfect.

The calm…

The ghost of room five didn’t, as it happened, make a return visit to me in my wedding-eve night at the back of the house. I slept wll last night – that is until about 6 o’clock when I was awke and listing to the sheep in the garden at the back of the house, and unable to go back to sleep.

So I sat up and wrote my diary until I finnally got up and showered, dressed and decended to the kitchen/hall for breakfast.

Emma came down not long after me and we decided to go for a quiet walk – just the tow of us on the morning of our wedding down to the plunge pool and the waterfuall, where we see a Dipper. Em was very excited because she had never seen a Dipper before.

Afer breakfast, there followed a certain amount of manic getting things read for the wedding before the children and Emma’s dad headed out for a walk.

Just a few of us are left to roam the hall, as Emma sits down with Lucy and Katie and my mum to make buttonholes. David arrives soon after and I show him around and then it is time for lunch. Emma disappears up to her room with her bridal party to get ready and I eat mine – hastily prepared whilst Deiniol begins to take over the kitchen – outside on the giant, carved wooden table.

Anxiety Dreaming (reprise)

Sleep no more. I’ve been awake now for the last hour; the last half of which I’ve been writing up my journal. I can’t sleep anymore. The bed is quite hard with only one pillow; it seems to work okay when you’ve been out doing hard, physical conservation work all day long, but I’m awake now and I can’t drift off again when I can’t get comfortable.

I had another anxiety dream again last night. I dreampt that the wedding went off okay, but for some reason we never got a chance to exchange rings and then Emma was up all night talking to her friends so we didn’t get to do all of that until the day after…

And the whole ceremony was weird. I was waiting in the wings of this auditorium, that was partly outside, with my Mum and then Emma walked up the aisle but without anyone. It was just really, piattaforma per trading online binario really weird!

Settling Into Craflwyn

It was nice to be first to arrrive at Craflwyn. With Emma driving up the drive ahead of me and my Dad bringing up the rear we arrived in convoy and settled into our home for the long weekend.

One of my abiding memories of that first night, was, with ourselves unpacked and dinner cooking on the stove, my dad sidling up next to me, hugging me and telling me that this was such a great spot – a wonderful place.

We thought so. it means a lot to us. 🙂

When the Muse takes you

I’ve been having a little it of a panic last night because I still seemed to have so much to do and a speech to write. This morning we got up early and got our cars largely packed leaving us with an unexpected breathing space before Em went off to collect flowers and parents and The Two GranniesTM arrived to join the Convoy To WalesTM.

As luck would have it, the muse for writing – and speech writing at that – struck me and I got the page written, pen to paper, first in the armchair and then at my desk (I think it helped that with my computer largely dismantled I had room to properly sit and write – at my desk with a real pen – opciones financieras y productos estructurados lamothe pdf that was very nice). By the time that my Mum and Dad arrived I was into typing it up in double quick speed. Thank thee for touch-typing to 50 wpm…

The Jefferys’ In Blissford

After the hiatus of Easter weekend, and the worries concerning Emma’s dad’s cancer today was the day for heading off to the New Forest and a day with my parents. Thankfully, Mr Jefferys was up to driving again so we didn’t have to drive the two sides of a triangle to collect them.

We had a very pleasant day, sitting in the garden, and going for the walks. We got to see my mum’s new ‘studio’ in the part-converted garage, and tried out the iPod with the speakers and amplifier for the wedding.

After Em’s parents left to go home, Em and I remained for a while longer to load up on paving stones to make a few paths through our expanse of gravel and for Emma to have a bit of a sleep whilst my Mum and I realised the shocking truth of just how big a shop it was going to have to be for our little holiday at Craflwyn Hall next month…

I Still Believe (in the playlist)

Our wedding playlist is truly eclectic. We’ve only had a handful of duplications to date, and it now stands at some 186 songs (by which I mean songs, sometimes in the loosest of meanings) and 12 hours worth of running time. I’ve not had much difficulty in sourcing tracks either. It is already documented how I had to cross-reference several googlings in order to track down the 1920’s song lightspeed trading Rose-Marie from the musical of the same name, and George Hamilton IV’s 1977 song Tadalafil Oral Strips Everlasting (Everlasting Love) required digitising from an ebay-bought original LP. All of this sourcing pales into insignificance against the sourcing of Aelfthryth’s choice; Hayden Panettiere’s 2007 Viagra köp billigt I Still Believe from the Disney film iqoption com it options turbo Cinderella III: A Twist In Time. This has been seemingly impossible to get hold of. Determination for completeness in the playlist has paid off though, and I have found it – opcje binarne demo bez rejestracji somewhere out there on the internet – probably best not to say anymore…

First lunch of the year in the garden

~ What a glorious day! We öppna forex konto were going to deep‐clean and de‐hair the house after getting back from our early morning Tesco trip, but when we got home it was too nice for all of that. Em got stuck into the water feature, fountain thing out the front that we inherited with the house in a ‘trodden on’ form, and I took up the challenge of the spade and dug up turf from the veg‐patch‐to‐be and laid it again in the middle part‐circle whilst Miss Pettigrew and Wiggy frollicked in the garden.

~ Egg‐citing developments were that Miss Guinevere laid her first egg. I have to say, its a funny old colour, sort of brown with a purple tinge to it.

~ And so to lunch time. We fetched our fresh‐baked bread and cheese and sat out on the patio and ate our lunch. It was possibly a little nippy, but very pleasant — and the first of the year! 🙂

~ In the afternoon we went and discussed wedding flowers with, it turns out, Em’s doctor’s wife! What a small world it is…

~ And now I’m shattered. But pleasantly shattered… 😉

The eclectic mix just got more eclectic

Seeing as my iPod has a ridiculous 80Gb of space on it I’ve been working my way through ‘s CD collection. Now my iPod, being a collection‐without‐selection of every piece of music I collect was always an eclectic mix. With Emma’s music, one could say that the choice on offer is becoming more ‘credible’ (although just what is ‘cred’?).

I’m also spending quite a lot of time on iTunes as the 5 Songs suggestions come in from our wedding guest list, and thus the collection becomes more eclectic still.

52 tracks so far, doing well… 🙂

The (controversial) Oxford comma

Emma and I have been asking our guest list for 5 song suggestions each for use post-meal at our wedding reception. I’ve always hoped that we would get a thoroughly eclectic mix of songs and unearth some hidden gems. Yesterday we received Jane’s list, and amongst them was the totally intriguing:

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma
Bästa online pris Strattera For an Oxford-based writer… self-explanatory, surely

I leapt onto iTunes and downloaded the track, and you know what? Thomas has a new favourite song. Who’da thought that you could make a song out of the (controversial) serial comma? Thanks Jane… 🙂

Actually, I like this track so much I’ve downloaded Vampire Weekend’s whole album and its damn good. The options tutorial Oxford Comma track stands well alongside the, as previously discussed valutahandel termer Mr Unhappy, as being a track that makes me curiously very happy. It’s quirky and unusual and absolutely brilliant. 🙂

Day of Various Things

~ Woke up this morning in the most alarming of ways. My dream was brought to a (literally) crashing end with the thought that someone had thrown a brick through the window. What’s more, with our neighbours off somewhere early, all I could hear post-crashing explosion was the sound of a car running. I was very brave though and went downstairs to discover what it was that the cats had broken. What it was Arthur who had, in an attempt to gain access to cat nip, gotten up onto the side in the kitchen and thwacked the honey jar containing it onto the floor and was now standing red‐handedpawed amongst the carnage.

~ Thankfully no hurt was done in the event, although bizarrely the doors under the bureau had also fallen out. We can only imagine that (psychologically‐disturbed) Ronnie had gone to wee on glass again only to have the fright of his life!!

~ Cat #6, Madeline, has been settling into the homestead quite well. Yesterday she was decidedly wobbly but today she’s been much more stable on her feet which is good. You can see a picture of our harlequin‐faced new arrival in the userpic to this post.

~ We went to see Heather in her new Buckingham house this morning. She had had some new curtains made and needed help in hanging them. Her house is lovely, with a good view of Buckingham and its church. What’s more she wanted to give us her old lounge curtains which are, IMHO, almost brand new and go with our three‐piece suite very well.

~ In the afternoon and evening we went to Em’s parents for dinner. There we were able to talk over wedding matters and songs for the reception. We’ve had suggestions from a couple of people now and I was able to plunder their CD collection for a few of the tracks. Emma’s dad also gave us a pair of Revolver speakers for use at the wedding but which we can also keep.

~ Upon getting home we hooked up the new speakers to find them very, very good. We also discovered that my parents had come up with their list of wedding songs. They finally manage to short list 14 tunes from a long list of 178!!! I think they were having fun down memory lane this evening!

F@*!%&$ Bankers!

So, it seems that the global economic meltdown is hitting my wedding (in just 100 days time!) hard, and again – or at least our (depleting) guest list. Now it seems, that not content with taking out my Icelandic cousins, its also taking out my US‐contingent lock, stock, and fully smoking barrels.

I’m going to get myself some clay, make myself some models of a load of bankers and start stabbing pins violently in the f**king b**st**ds. And if I happen to meet one of the greedy [insert synonym] its not going to be pretty.

The UnXpected Fear

I wasn’t really looking forward to the drive over to Milton Keynes today. This wasn’t, you understand, because of the weather and of icy-snowy roads but because of going to Milton Keynes, to the shops, on a Saturday. As it turned out by the time I got there at around half past ten, the car park was all but empty (of cars that is, of 5-inch snow it was another matter) and the centre was really nice and quiet.

I picked up the suit jacket that had been ordered in and proceeded to the changing rooms (now branded as ‘Now Try it On’ areas…). The first couple of assistants to help me I didn’t really gell with – maybe it was because they were going billig Sildenafil Citrate snabb leverans oh no to my favourite suit of two weeks ago. But then a nice man called David, with a stick, turned up and he was very helpful. Bizarrely he was saying the same as the ladies but my brain seemed to gell with his opinions better. I was there for about an hour or an hour and a half in the end, have changed my original decision and gone for this little number.

On the way back to the car I bought a small valentines present for Emma and then slid around the car park to the exit. I’m glad I came over when I did because by the look of the queues on the roads it was beginning to get busy.

Upon arriving home, Em was back from work so I gave her a fashion show of my choice and she was very happy with it. 🙂

On the first day of advent

It doesn’t feel right, to sit here at the dining room table writing out names into wedding invitations. Perhaps I should clarify, that when I say opzioni binarie strategia masaniello it doesn’t feel right, it actually feels completely and utterly right but that it’s still surreal – surreal of the highest order. Surreal to equal last Friday when Em and I sat in the registrar’s office and gave our notice.

The wedding: the cake

SpinRite seemed to do ‘something’ – it has proved at least that my data is still there on the desk. Just inaccessible. So, leaving my computer doing another round of error checking and correction, we headed out in the afternoon to Emma’s parents for a bbq and discussions about wedding cakes with their friends, Jackie and Ian.

We’re having all fruit cake, because that’s nice and also easier because it doesn’t go off so gives longer for the decoration to take place, and its going to be three tiers. One for the day, a top one to keep, and a polystyrene one in the middle to make it look nice. It’s going to be stylish and elegant but not over fussy and tie in with the colour scheme and the bridesmaids dresses…

Wedding Sites and Computer Woes

Em and I had a nice walk at Stowe today before retreating home for lunch and shelter from the hot and sunny weather. It has been too hot to do anything much outside and so I have been engaging with my arty-creative side and creating the ‘flash screen’ for our wedding site. Having replicated the wordpress theme within the password protected innards in an asp home page, I set about creating a subtle Flash animation of pictures of us, and of the wedding venue.

I’m really pleased with it. It’s cool, and elegantly stylish. However it is memory intensive and I did feel that I was pummelling my computer. Quite how much though, I wasn’t aware. As I was finishing up, I killed it to the point of having to switch it off with the metaphorical big red button. Now it won’t boot up, or at least it does but unbearably slowly, to the point of being practically pointless to doing so. I’ve left it to cool down and calm down to investigate tonight.

So I’ve finished up the webpage on Emma’s computer, and you can see the art that killed my computer on Emma & Thomas’s wedding site