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The beginnings of autumn

Suddenly, refreshingingly, autumn has arrived. We had a nice day getting the cleaning done (whilst I simultaneously made a loaf of bread and a modest 3lbs of crab apple jelly. We had a delicious mushroom, onion and cheese omelette and headed out to Wytham Woods for a nice walk in the woods amongst turning leaves, and hacorns and beech masts. Simply glorious.

Next stop, south Oxfordshire to help celebrate Sian and Mark’s wedding!

Round Round (Wychwood Forest)

I’ve never been to Charlebury but I’ve heard that it’s a very nice place. Today, a little later than planned Em and I headed out determined to find a local alternative to Burnham Beeches to walk and lose ourselves in. A limited amount of research on ye interweb revealed Wychwood Forest as just such a candidate so we headed out there.

We found it okay, well, more or less, but driving round it we couldn’t find any obvious parking or signs of footpaths and in the end ended up looping right around it and never finding a way in.

So we stop in Charlebury and have a potter round a seductively charming Cotswold town and find it all very nice.

A Walk in the Woods with the Digital Future

Happy Birthday Dad!! Dad, as it happens is in Wyoming at the moment, so actual birthday greetings will have to wait till he gets home.

After figuring out just how the new camera works we make our way to Burnham Beeches for a walk in the country and take some pictures. It performs well, even if it takes a bit getting used to the manual settings. Once I do its pretty intuitive: two wheels front and back of the shutter release operated by the middle finger and thumb respectively. Neat! 🙂

As a consequence of the new camera we are slower walking than usual and don’t get as far by the time that we have to leave to go to Emma’s parents for dinner.

Windows into another world

After an early morning visit to a Tesco somewhere in Bracknell, and a return home for a leisurely breakfast, Emma and I headed out for a long, leisurely walk in Burnham Beeches. With gorgeous blue skies, it was the perfect winter’s day. Reflections proved to be a recurring them, for the water was so still, and the reflections so clear that they could be windows into another day; pockets of water amongst tufty grass, where you could kneel down beside them, lean close over the edge and see, not your own reflection, but another person from another world looking back.

The Other World
The Other World
Originally uploaded by shepline on 14 Jan ’08, 10.53pm GMT PST.

In the afternoon, whilst Emma had a little snooze and watched the birds in the field opposite, I worked on my novel, making changes to the master file, revisions that I had worked on week’s ago. I am so far behind.

For dinner, Emma cooked her speciality Vietnamese spring rolls and a stirfry. Delicious. 🙂 And then we snuggled up on the sofa and watched some of Children of Green Knowe and The Box of Delights. A perfect end to a perfect day, and proof that simple pleasures can be the best and the most romantic.