Dramatis personæ

The Worlds

The story is set in Iceland in the present day, and in the world of the huldulfolk.


Eleanor Ármannsson literature graduate and storyteller
Ben Ármannsson science and geography student, Eleanor’s brother
Hanna Katla Baldursdóttir student, singer-songwriter, Eleanor and Ben’s cousin
Kirsten Ball conservation volunteer, veterinary nurse
Alice Cartwright conservation volunteer, Kirsten’s best friend
Andy Taylor fell runner, Eleanor’s long-term university friend
Bjäkk research scientist at Hólar laboratory
Finnur mountain guide
Ađli mountain guide
Gunnlaugr stranger who lives in the mountains
Charles Ancell Alcon developer
Kári chief engineer at Alcon
Professor William Tyndall climate scientist
Kathryn William’s British research student
Níls Professor Tyndall’s technician


Halldór keyboard/guitar/vocals
Bryn drummer
Jon keyboard player


Solveig Guđni’s ancestor, grandmother to Finnbjörn and Jóhanna
Finnbjörn Jóhanna’s brother and Eirný’s lover
Jóhanna Greipur’s lover
Eirný alfar lady
Greipur alfar man
Valdís svart-alfar lady, Gunnlaugr’s assistant


Baldur þurs leader
Erik archivist
Petur boy


Guđni Ármannsson Eleanor and Ben’s father
Diana Cooper Guđni’s English wife
Baldur Ađalsteinsson Hanna Katla’s father, and Lára’s husband
Lára Ármannssdóttir Guđni’s sister

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