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Vanilla Ninja

Blue Tattoo

This is the title song from their third album and again it conjures up the dark magic and the norse mythology that runs through the book.

Lick The Tins

Can’t Help Falling In Love (bonus track – not in the playlist)

I’ve loved this song for such a long time – longer even than me knowing it was an Elvis cover and I’ve only recently discovered that the band have a whole album of similarly brilliant music. It appears here because you don’t know a song until you’ve heard it sung at night in a naturally heated hot tub between two huge ice caps. There’s a joy to it and I can’t help think of Ben and Kirsten when I hear this.

Manic Street Preachers

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

There’s a serious side to the novel as Ben would be sure to remind you, and this, a modern day rock anthem if I may call it that should remind us that if we don’t do something to curb our effect on climate change then there is no future for our children.

Don McLean

American Pie

Get a group of people together, have them laugh, joke, adn play games and at some point someone is going to start singing this. It’s a classic. Enjoy!


It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Despite the similarity of the song title with that of this story that’s not why it’s here. Substitute ‘world’ for ‘road’ crank up the stereo and sing along to it as you drive to the end of a fjörd and you’ll understand why this has to have a place here.


Eldur Í Mér (bonus track – not in the playlist)

The calm after the storm(s); that time when you are allowed to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the world. For a while all threats are gone; all dangers are past – imagine the joy of just living.

Sjonni’s Friends

Coming Home

Europop, yes. Unashamedly cheerful, definitely. I stumbled upon this song and it had to go in. It’s the song that Hanna’s band would sing, unplugged, with friends and family to celebrate her life after everything that happens in the story.

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