Afterword by Krista Männa

This was my first conservation holiday. I didn’t really know what I should expect from this kind of holiday, instead of being together with my friends and family I chose to go to journey with people I didn’t know. Shy Estonians, you know. On the other hand I was very excited about meeting new people, having different holiday, doing something good for nature.

Usually I spend holidays hiking around in Estonia or having nice evenings with my friends or family. here is one more thing to add: I came to this journey as an assistant to the leader. That is because I like spending my holiday outdoors and working for people who are on holiday. Usually I’m working in an office, but if I only were doing this, it wouldn’t satisfy me. I like to meet new people and do something good for them, and see how they like their living and know that I have helped to happen it. Of course, I really like the nature, and I like spending my time with people who like it too.

I like this conservation holiday as much as all the other people did. It doesn’t matter if they are Estonian or British – all like it very much. There were lots of surprising things that happened in these days. Even me, who have visited Saaremaa lots of times – I saw lots of new things, and saw known things on the way.

be happy and come to Estonia again!