Wednesday 6 August 2003

Arrival in Gatwick. It’s hot, shabby, and untidily big. I don’t like it. Passport control and baggage reclaim are straight forward and a doddle to go thourgh – one of the advantages of a (very) small plane I guess. It is unnerving though, that we see two fully armed police officers walk through hands on guns – maybe they’ve heard that Tim has brougt a fifth century Estonian artefact in the shape of a sacred and cursed tooth back into the country…?

Even on the far side of the customs the four cannot be broken as our paths continue on the same route. Within sight of the rail station, the time for parting does come as Tim leaves us for the North Terminal and his connecting flight to Manchester. Steve, Jane and myself coninue on our way to the trains.

Jane is first onto the 1707 to Croyden (where her mum will be waiting), and I am next on the (delayed) 1741 to Victoria. As I leave Steve standing on platform 4 of Gatwick we think of Vicky – even now walking back up to the Town Hall Square, preparing her itinerary for tomorrow.

From: Vicky !M
Date: 06/08
Time: 17:59
And I’m just heading off 2 Town Hall S again… Planning the National Library 4 tomorrow. See you soon i’m sure. Vic xxx

From: Alice !M
Date: 06/08
Time: 20:39
Definitely… have finally landed. Terviseks!

From: Vicky !M
Date: 06/08
Time: 19:48
I’ll join you in spirit, as it were. Currently sitting in Tristan & Isolde with fab coffee. Short shower earlier – you missed the most beautiful rainbow! Vicky

A little over a week later, Steve, Alice and myself meet up in a hard to find house on the western edge of Oxfordshire for a lunch of greek salad and boiled potatoes, pancakes (yes, Scotch do follow a different recipe to ordinary) with a Maple Syrup and Honey Liqueur topping and an afternoon of photo sharing and much much silliness. A soundtrack to Estonia 2003 is also devised … Jump!

Afterword: An alternative look at the adventures and a reflection of two weeks on Saaremaa from the Estonian perspective, by Krista Männa…

Next Year: Estonia again … or, Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Equador or Nepal … or maybe Namibia? Be sure to catch my Adventures in 2004…