Forked lightning at dusk

Day 6: 19 July 2005

Tuesday. I wake early and go downstairs to write up the rest of yesterday before breakfast at 8.30 – our usual breakfast served with sweet blackcurrant tea. By 9 o’clock we are booted and ready to pack ourselves into the the landrover and car and return to the first campsite. Whilst Bibi slices logs down the middle to form benches, Jennifer, Claudiu, Kat, Jess, and I  cement up the last of the fire circles. There are not enough trowels to go round though and so Kat and I improvise with dried up paintbrushes.

Touching up one of the fire circles we made yesterday, Jess and I go aout creating the BTCV and FIH (Hungarian Engineering Instititute – the partner organisation for our holiday) logos in concrete. Lastly before lunch, is spent making more benches and errecting a fat tree stump as a table.

After lunch we move to our second, and larger campsite. Four stone fire circles are made within a couple of hourse but we can go no further because Bibi is not returning. Jess takes another swim and I paddle up to my knees before we walk home leisurely. On the way home we talk of geography. Both Kat and Jess have just graduated from Leeds, and I regret again – kind of – that I did not pursue that interest. The field trips and studies sound interesting.

In the time between showering and a leisurely rest, the humidity rises and forces me outside to the relative coolness. A thunderstorm rumbles around… with blue forked lightning over the valley, wind and rain blowing through the birch trees. Sitting down wtih Adrien and Tom outside their cabin – Tom and I run for cover and get to the covered dining area just as the heavy rain comes down.

Joe joins us. More lightning with thunder on top of it – it’s close. The light is blue and the rain falls from the guttering. The wind blows the rain straight in as our dinner is brought to the table. Adrien arrives with the other Romanians.

A power cut. We flee into the bar where the rain isn’t blowing in. It’s dark until we have candles. By now rain is pouring along the inside and dripping into the room.

Jess, Ka and Jenny arrive in waterproofs having been watching the storm arrive across the valley. As we settle down to a candlelit dinner it is revealed that powercuts are not usual here so it could be that a pylon has been hit and power could be out for a while.

Dinner is a risotto rice and liver. On my table, Kat, Jess, Jenny, and myself are not able to eat the offle. At out end of the table Kat, Jess and I do polish off a basket of bread in short order and enjoy the cabbage. A custardy rice pudding follows.

It is a possibility that the powercut was caused by a fuse blowing due to the large amount of water pouring through the fusebox. After maybe half an hour – and to some disappointment – the poer comes back on.

A game of ‘Killer’ darts begins after the rain has subsided and we can go back out to our dining room. Tom gets very competitive, and Joe becomes a scorer out for revene after being killed by Tom very quickly. What is it on this holiday with murder? …and killing?

After an initially strong start (surprisingly) by me, eventually climbing to two lives I am killed in a single ‘triple 7’ score from Jenny. Jess is killed twice in the same go by an increasingly ruthless Tom. The final three are Tom, Neil, and Michaela, with Tom eventually triumphing over the game.

Jess has settled in the corner with a Harry Potter Book 1 re-read, and I join her with Harry Potter Book 6 until we all retire to bed, leaving Tom and Joe challenging  themselves further in their Connect 4 contest.

Day 7: Elephants swinging in spiderwebs…