I found this story about Suffolk coastal erosion interesting because this stretch of coast is one of my most favourite places in the country with some extremely fond memories.

It’s also the scene of my earliest distressing memories. When going for a walk at Cove Hithe I remember, aged about five, losing my piece of lud (a small piece of soft cloth, similar in purpose to Lionel’s blanky in The Peanuts) off the cliffs when it blew away in the wind.

The church at Cove Hithe is so nice, made of flint, it is a small church built inside of the ruins of the original, larger church, for when the community was much larger. I remember it being miles from the sea, and I remember the road shortening between almost every visit, and now it is just a couple of field’s away. I remember seeing one house going over, so I can imagine what the man in today’s article is going through.