Bella, small and beautiful
Bella, a reminder of two weeks in Italy
I had a photo of you and your brother, in my wallet during that holiday,
and you came to live with me upon my return.

You were always quick and nimble
Your ninja moves, and your funny little run
Bella, outgoing and adventurous
you lived for your freedom
you gave good cuddles too.
When I read, you would walk over me,
and chew my hair, and purr
That purr.

Bella, you scared me with your twenty-one days in the wild
But you came back to me.
You’d just been out, doing cat stuff.

You liked to be out, doing your cat stuff
And I would walk the neighbourhood
shaking the cat biscuits, calling your name,
past bed time.
You would come home in your own time.

Bella, you gave good cuddles
On your terms, but they were the best
You would sleep on my bed, and purr
That purr, did I say you had the best purr?

Bella, sleek and stylish, bright eyes and big purr.

Bella, you were my purrfect girl.


Bella Shepherd
14 April 2006 – 4 July 2020