Here are all my books – fantastical adventures set in this or related worlds. If you read all of them you might recognise some of the characters. This doensn’t mean they have to be read in any particular order. Enjoy!

Norse mythology

Try visiting Iceland and not be inspired, no compelled, to write stories set there. The country and culture is just oozing stories.

The End Of All Worlds

The End Of All Worlds is a modern saga centering around one family, and in particular a sister, her brother, and their cousin and their wider family amongst the forgotten huldufólk…

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Imaginary friends

Don’t try to pretend – we all have imaginary friends at one time, and this strory is for you, or for them, if you can remember them!

Mr Tumnal

Mr Tumnal was a standalone story when I first wrote it – inspired after a friend misheard me saying that an August day was ‘a bit autumnal’ which resulted in her asking me who Mr Tumnal was. This deliciously wonky tale of magic realism in a place almost entirely like the Oxford that we know and love is actually the beginning a trilogy.

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The Imaginary Wife

The second in the series, sees the story move on to focus on the story of Dr Amanda Jones – the imaginary wife that Louis left behind – as she struggles to come to to terms with new life. But when you can’t remember anything of your past life other than what your best friend would have known, just how do you move?

The Imaginary Wife was published on Saturday 21 April 2018 at the 4th Hawkesbury Upton Literary Festival.

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Forgotten Friends

In a world where ghosts are the friends of the friendless, what happens when the ghosts themselves choose to die?

The final part in the Imaginary Friends trilogy takes place some forty years later in a world recognisable as our own but starkly different.

Forgotten Friends will be published in late-2019. 

The Booklover’s Guide to Bookshops

This will be the ultimate of coffee table books for bookophiles. A hardback, illustrated guide to the best bookshops to visit around the country. I love books, and I love bookshops. Put me in a town with with a bookshop and I will put myself in the bookshop. I also like drawing, and with a style that I like to think of somewhere between my two loves of Edward Ardizzone and Rex Whistler, my aim is to make a book that honours the best of bookshops.

Remember Drif’s Guide? This will be part illustrated volume, part directory. It’s a work in progress, as it take me a while to visit them all…

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Praise for Mr Tumnal:

A hauntingly beautiful fantasy

Simone Lilly-Egerter

Very Very Clever, Very Different

Hayley Brown

Original and captivating

Laura Pictor