Mr Tumnal

Everyone has an idea of their ideal family. Not everyone’s become real.

Lewis Tumnal is a man with the life he always dreamed of: a job he loves, a wife who loves him and the smartest, sassiest daughter he could wish for. It’s also the imaginary life of Louis Tumnal, an English teacher and lonely bachelor.

When he joins a photography class he meets Kathryn Summers and the real and the imaginary become entwined, Louis and Kathryn need each other to free him from his childlike and innocent world and the magic that has bound him for twenty-two years. But at what cost?

“I became invested immediately in their lives and was turning the pages frantically to see what was going to happen next … there was a lot at stake for the main characters, so I was holding my breath the entire time.”

Angella Graff, author of The Judas Curse series

Mr Tumnal (Imaginary Friends,#1)

Shepherd, T E
Publication date: November 2014
ISBN 978 0 9571756 7 9 (Paperback, £8.99)
ISBN 978 0 9571756 6 2 (Ebook, £3.99)

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