The End of a Saga

Day 10. 24 June 2004

Thursday. The journey home. I have slept very well, and indeed are rudely awoken from my sleep by my alarm clock. I shower, breakfast and pack the last of my belongings, before Janet and Adi take me down town along unearthly quiet streets to the BSí bus station.

It’s at times like these that I really notice twenty-four hours of daylight. With the light levels it seems strange to me that there should be so few people out and on the road. There is rain too, and evidence on hills across the bay of snowfall during the night. It seems a somewhat fitting end to otherwise perfect holiday weather-wise.

Check-in is smother and I make use of my tax-free certificate to fund suitably Icelandic presents for my parents and for Kathy and Mark who have been looking after Pepper.

Boarding starts off straight forwardly and on time, but due to the number of flights leaving at our scheduled time of 0745 the loading of bags takes longer than it should and we miss our window of departure. This results in us sitting on the tarmac during which the cabin crew serve us with water. I find myself sitting next to two whining stop-over American’s who are dumbstruck with disbelief that I have chosen to come to Iceland itself, as a destination for my holiday.

Shortly before 9 o’clock we taxi to the runway, and depart. Taking off over the steaming blue lagoon and out over the sea, bound for England.

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