Hmmn… a LiveJournal for little ol’ moi? What shall I use this for? I think, as I write this that I shall use this primarily for detailing the progress of my writing. Yup, I’m a novelist, writer, author – call me what you will – that’s who I am.

I’m revising Flyht at the moment, and it’s going quite well. Last night I finished working through chapter three Linked that is to say, half way through the old chapter two and have completely obliterated from the story the character of Tom Godwin. He was very very minor character, an annoying little squirt and I’m glad to be shot of him – quite frankly I don’t know how he lasted so long! I think he was remnant of the very early draft one who outstayed his welcome.

Still, I now have the new and “knows where she’s at” character of Little Sarah Broker who succeeds in messing up the head of Clayton and stopping him from getting down to the real business of finding out about flyht