He had some mewing sessions but was mostly quiet all the way home, and then after I got him out of the cage and showed him the litter trail, he tried hiding down beside the fridge (but found the ironing board too much of a nuisance), he tried under the table (but found it too open plan), he tried getting in past all the bottles underneath the food cupboard until I fished him out from there for a cuddle), he then made several bids for under the desk. I scooped him up and let him snuggle in the armchair when I went to bed, but this morning he was back under the desk.


He doesn’t seem to have shown any interest in the food, water or litter tray yet, but he also hasn’t shown any interest in relieving himself on the folio society books – I shall drop by the supermarket after work and pick up some dettol and some more cloths just in case!