A curious thought has occurred to me over the last few days partly brought about through writing in this journal and how you can make friends virtually with people with whom you would have little chance of meeting “face to face” under normal circumstances – but how you can still share some interesting thoughts and opinions through places like this.

Just over a week ago I spoke on the phone to a friend (and arranged a working holiday up in the lakes with) with whom I realised I had not actually spoken to (either phone or in person) since the weekend in September 1999 when we met on our NT leadership training. And yet we have been in contact constantly since then and it hasn’t felt like we’ve only met the once.

I also still exchange regular emails, letters and Christmas cards with a friend who I only met thanks to a conversation struck up on the (much) delayed British Rail (as it then was) cross-country from Crewe to Norwich one late Friday night going home to my folks for a weekend.

It’s a weird thing, with whom and how you become friends with…