And I don’t just mean the weather 🙂

The usual gang weren’t around for lunch today, so for half my hour I deserted the building for a wooden bench in the local sun trap (conveniently located in the middle of the car park) and settled down with my notebook to get a few hundred words of Ben’s first night in Iceland after discovering the fate of his sister. This is the passage I should have written last night but got too distracted by LJ posts and other people’s friends to do so.

I may post some of these story excerpts in these pages (seems like a convenient way of getting them from A to B?) so might set up another friends filter as soulsong did so as not to clutter up the journal for those that find no interest in the inner workings of a writer’s brain. Let me know if you want to be added and (to paraphrase one of our Indian typesetters) I’ll do the needful