From Iceland Review
Edward Weinman writes the final word on Reykjavik

When I tell people that I live in Iceland, they look at me as if I have just stepped off a silver spaceship having travelled to earth from the planet Renob. After they get over the initial shock, the first question is: “What language do they speak in Iceland?”

Um, gee, I dunno. How about Icelandic?

Readers of this magazine have a decen idea what Iceland’s like. You’ve probably even visited. If so, you know there are a few simple words and phrases that a traveller exploring the Reykjavik pubs should try to remember.

If you’re langage-retarded like me (I have enough trouble writing English – exactly where do those commas go?), don’t fret. Most everyone boozing way in the pubs speaks English.

1. Einn bjór. (One beer) Enough said.
2. Hvað kostar þetta? (What does this cost:) Even though this kró stuff looks more like Manopoly money than a legitimate currency, it’s good to rember that it’s not funny money.
3. Takk. It means thanks. Say it with a smile after forking over $6 for einn bjór.
4. After downing numerous pints of bjór, you’ll finally have the courage to walk up to a six-foot blonde and say: Viltu dansa? (Do you want to dance?)
5. Takk fyrir síðast. Literally translates to: Thanks for last time.
6. Ertu ekki hress? Similar to saying, “How do you feel?” After a lengthy pub crawl, mutter these words to your Icelandic compatriots – if you can speak through that cotton mouth of yours.
7. Hvar er klósettið? (Where’s the bathroom?) No, the bathrooms are not supposed to be coed, but as the night draws on…
8. Hvað heitir þú? (What’s your name?) Don’t be surprised if it’s the same name as the last person you just met.
9. Ég ætla að fá tvöfaldan. Make it a double.
10. Skál. You can probably figure this one out for yourself.