…with Bath! This is a beautiful place. It’s relaxing, it’s nice, and it’s friendly. I want to move here this instant (but I can’t) … one day though, one day.

(the royal crescent)

(and the royal circus)

But to get behind the houses, and wander in and out and round the back, it’s even more charming…

…and then you find places like this, tucked in off the main street ( The Moon and Sixpence ). Thank you Kim and Jeremy for being such excellent tour guides and showing me round this fantastic town, and finding such a great location to wine and dine a good meal in a quiet, sunny courtyard in good company.

I shall be returning again – that is for certain. I’ve been meaning to visit it for at least seven years – I now have and intend to go back to revisit it again and again… What a way to spend Good Friday!