I celebrated my birthday in a quiet but enjoyable way after work last night. Julian was kind enough to give me a lift into work (and back home later that night) so that I could consume a modest amount of alcohol, such was fitting upon reaching this age. And we were joined in the Angel and Greyhound (just off St Clements, Oxford) by Kim, Sarah, Gareth, Montserrat, Jim, Colin and Mark – not forgetting the welcome addition of oxfordslacker and tinyjo for drinks. Jamie D dropped by briefly to say Hi, Happy Birthday and give a card, on route to *closing* his exhibition at the Said Business School for the night.

After, much entertaining conversation, a discussion about mustelids (I think prompted by this), and an instructive viewing of Alex and Jo playing bar billiards, we decamped further up the road for birthday meal at the Thai Orchid, for err… some Thai food…