To mark the release of the fifth Harry Potter book on Saturday, BBC News Online is looking for the next children’s blockbuster writer.
JK Rowling is estimated to be richer than the Queen, with a personal fortune of £280m, having sold 200 million copies of her first four books.

But could you outshine her in a few years’ time? Are your plots gripping, your characters perfectly drawn? Your villains evil, your settings bursting with detail?

Send us, in no more than 100 words, the first paragraph of that children’s book you’ve always been meaning to write.

We will publish as many as we can here and, as Potter fever reaches its height, put the best up to the vote.

The winner will be given the chance to have a short children’s story published on BBC News Online – potentially the first step to a lucrative writing career, multi-million pound advances, the eternal love of children and parents everywhere….

So what are you waiting for? Send us your first paragraph now – and wait for the offers to come rolling in.

I submitted the first lines of one to The Fall, read them here, then vote for me to win…!!