Whatever happened to…?

Day 2. 28 July 2003

Monday. Rising from my slumbers at six-thirty, I shower and repack my rucksack for the day ahead. Later, as others emerge from their rooms, and we discuss how much sleep we have or have not managed after the relative disruptions of intense humidity followed by over-active minds circling throught the day’s and future events, and of how just as sleep was about to overtake us, seagulls swooped lover overhead screeching above us. Vicky admitted sleeping well – much to Jane, Steve’s and an my horror and disgust.

We brakfast on Karma – a porridge-like substance of buckwheat and oatmeal and other grains (which I’m sure would have been nicer had I known what I was doing!) mixed with two type of yogurts, some slightly odd looking cornflakes, and coldmeats with dark-malted rye bread.

During breakfast Steve mentions to us the two lads, who, upon leaving the guesthouse as we arrived last night only returned to their beds after a night out partying in Tallinn night clubs as we were stirring. He also informs us (as our spy in shared quarters) that there there are three or four other BTCV volunteers in the guesthouse. We meet one, Alice, straightaway over the kohvi, and she tells us of our flight out yesterday, of changing at Stockholm when it was only her doing this route and of having to venture down deserted passages to ring bells outside of locked offices. She seems eager to join us on a walk round Tallinn but by the time we are ready to leave, Alice has already been whisked away by (the then only supposed volunteer) Hannah, whom we have yet to meet.

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