I work in a department called *Content Management* – and our business is putting scientific and academic journals online here. Who knows why, but there is a tradition in our department of producing electronic christmas cards. This week, prompted by the lack of journals to process, our thoughts have turned to what we will do for this years card (this year being the last year the department will produce one, as the department as a single entity is dying…).

So, rooting around in the archives, these treasures are found…

And so it came to pass in 1999, and the young Jamie D pioneers the card:
( 1999 )

which evolves in 2000 into (again at the hands of JD):
( 2000 )

And under new direction, further thus in 2001 under the artistic direction of me:
( 2001 )

…but only for one year only, as it is continued in 2002 again under new hands:
( 2002 )

Where next in 2003…?